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Cathy Cavanagh

certImagine a world where people are committed to truly and deeply listening not only to  your words but to everything behind your words.

From the moment a client starts to engage with me, my intuitive and spiritual radar is  open and at work. This enables my purest self to initiate an authentic and effective  facilitation for your healing process.

I am a facilitator of healing.  I facilitate for your own unique individual healing experience.  Healing happens on all levels, psychological, emotional, mental, physical and spiritual.  I facilitate in a profound, holistic yet practical way. It is a very deep personal and private experience, my process will be tailored for you. You will be guided in the direction of your truth.

My method combines my spiritual gifts with universally accepted coaching and mentoring modalities. Coaching is personal. Coaching creates a unique empowered relationship for change. Change can lead to effective and transformational healing.

Coaching establishes the connection between you and I in a safe way and space.  This relationship is built on trust, confidentiality, truth, openness and honestly, in a compassionate and non-judgemental way.   Listening is the gateway through which all coaching passes.  Through my coaching model I emphasise the value of open listening, mutual respect, clarity and willingness to engage with difficult emotional conversations.

The technique I use , Clean language, is a questioning technique used especially for discovering, exploring and working with people’s own personal metaphors.  The word ‘metaphor’ here refers to thinking or expressing something in terms of a different concept or image.  For example if someone say; “It’s like….” Or It’s as if…” then the next thing I’ll hear is probably a metaphor.  We use metaphor easily and naturally in everyday speech to communicate complex thoughts, feelings, emotions and ideas.

Clean language helps a client discover and develop symbols and metaphors without being influenced by the phrasing of a question.

Metaphors are doors to deeper understanding – of self and others.  Clean language provides the key for unlocking the metaphors.

Allow me to facilitate for you and share with you the truest extent of my natural authentic spiritual gifts and abilities, helping you to find long term solutions to all of life’s challenges, issues and problems.

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