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About Cathy


A searchlight for the soul
Stepping forward from a place of pure love and light

Cathy Cavanagh Is an enlightened soul that uses her god given gifts to facilitate healing and ease of mind to people from all walks of life and from all over the world. Imagine a world where people are committed to truly listening not only to the words but to everything behind the words. From the moment a client starts to engage with Cathy, as she says, her intuitive and spiritual radar is open and at work. Curiously, gently but deeply being guided to where and what is in true need of attention at this time on your current, evolutionary path.
Her methods are a very unique blend of combining her spiritual gifts with systematic universally accepted coaching and mentoring modalities, (Life Coaching, NLP Practitioner, Energy Psychology Practitioner) which makes for a simple, effective, insightful and profound experience as she facilitates for you on your souls journey. Cathy says, that listening is the gateway through which all coaching passes. She adds, that intuition is like listening. It is a powerful talent that she uses to help clients move into action or deepen their own listening. Enabling her clients to see, hear, feel and touch her guiding and inspiring words. Through her coaching model she emphasises the value of open listening, mutual respect, clarity and willingness to engage with difficult emotional conversations. Her clients come to learn the value of being curious and less judgmental about themselves. Whilst her way and process works at the deepest levels of the individual. Her approach is both deeply insighful and practically based. She assists her clients in ‘reframing’. Reframing offers more than cliché comfort. It takes pieces of a clients life and shift the perspective to show an opportunity or a pathway that wasn’t apparent before. Her coaching model and style she advocates for sustainable change and growth. For she says, any real change, transformation or healing is a process, taking time on and as you journey.
You are guided and encouraged and supported each step of the way.
All of what Cathy offers is carried out in a compassionate, non-judgemental guiding manner with you at the centre of her work. Cathy does not use tools or gimicks to assist her in what she can offer you. She ensures her ego is never part of the process as she guides you towards and closer to your truest and purest individual essence.
Also a gifted psychic medium, Cathy communicates with those passed to spirit, providing evidence of existence and passing messages of comfort and support to their loved ones.
You are guided in the direction of your truth and guided in ways that are appropriate and accessible for you.
The individual is the true and pure essence of self which encompasses body, mind and spirit. It is fundamentally about ‘Self’. Self-knowledge, awareness, acceptance, understanding and love. Personality is relating to that which is learned by the person as a coping mechanism moreso for dealing with lifes challenges… you may very well be amazed at what your inner truth is, it may not even be what you expect it to be. Expect the unexpected. Cathy sees through all the obstacles that hinder your progress along your rightful path of peace and joy, illuminating the path that is hidden from you.
Healing happens at all levels
Cathy is a pure and divine channel of healing energy. Her gifts and ability are so pure she predominantly channels her healing remotely/ distantly. As she does not need to see, or even speak with a person before channeling healing for them.
To get to the level that she presently attains Cathy started out on her own personal spiritual channel journey 13 years ago.
Helping people in emotional need through the medium of the written word. Her work through writing proved of immense relevance, importance and meaning. Cathy provided profound insight, clarity and focus and guided a person too and towards their souls purpose and life plan. As she developed with her pure divinely guided and inspired work she came to an awareness of other spiritual gifts that were being brought forwards for her to develop and channel. It was during her time spent in study at The Arthur Finlay College, Stansted, London, UK that she came to discover and realise. The truest extent of her natural and authentic spiritual gifts and abilities.
From here she went on to develop her gift of mediumship and to work on what she affectionately refers to as ‘her spiritual muscle’. Bringing forth and developing her ability to read anothers energy field, and in her case distantly and remotely. Her most finely tuned psychic abilities shine forth predominantly through the form of claircognizance (didn’t see, sense or feel it – words of guidance just flow from my mouth). She too has the gifts of clairsentience and clairvoyance.
If you are honestly ready and wish from your hearts centre to face whatever issues or circumstances that you feel are holding you back or persecuting you then Cathy will blend all of her gifts to guide you and help you on your unique souls journey towards greater joy, peace and harmony.