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The Anatomy of Change post US Presidential Election

It certainly was a question that was asked of me numerous times over the course of the past months when I hosted my own live radio show. A large proportion of its global listenership been in the USA.

‘How do we vote?’ ‘How do we choose?’ ‘Who do we choose?’

I witnessed and sensed such tremendous fear and trepidation. It was almost like as election day came closer. With the passing of time. People were becoming more to feel like they were disempowered and did not have a choice.

Now, those that know me. Know that I am not the one to ‘tell you what to do’ or ‘how to do it’. But I most certainly am the person. There you go. Straight up and guided by spirit to say ‘the thought leader’. Whom will give you the frame of reference from which you can make choices and informed decisions based on the collection of intellectually based information, thus education. Engaging with people in such a way that it calms their senses and helps them to create the space necessary to ‘come back to centre’ and focus on self. But always with the intention of having this real conversation, in real time. In this very moment!

My teaching and guidance was that of the lesson of real change can only happen and take place on an individual basis. For the promotion and formation of a healthy state. Firstly, the ‘state’ of the person and then in turn as that change is fostered and cultivated it can be transferred and translated to the ‘state’ of the people of the nation and the vast global context thereafter.

My message was that of ‘conscious choice’. But I am always looking at the whole person not just one aspect of the person. Therefore I find myself today, as I did those time during my radio shows. Advocating the blending of intellect, common sense, aspects from a neuroscience perspective and then looking most specifically at the energetic aspect.

So, for a moment let’s look at the bigger picture perspective which will lead us to the refinement of the individual aspect shortly.

I always start with an individual and ensure that they are in a calm state. Take the stress out of the equation. For you all know what happens in the event of making choices and decisions when in the state of stress.

Therefore, at this point let’s apply a little more logic and scientific perspective on things for a moment. You know that to feel calm is to be in a healthy state of mind and body. Here, I will look at things from the perspective of elements that influence the health of the brain. The Top-Down, Outside-In model. Top-Down; takes into consideration thoughts, cognition, emotions, feelings, mind-set and belief. Outside-In; takes into consideration social, family, environmental factors, stress, life events and education. Do not underestimate the role education has to play in emotional and behavioural change.

So you know from a ‘thinking’ perspective how you should be looking at things. But your energy profile is not in alignment with what you are thinking and saying and even feeling at times.

Yes, your mind tells you that you have looked at all things from all angels and you have weight up the pros and cons. But still the feelings of fear, anxiety, helplessness, doubt and uncertainty persist.

It is the one most fundamental component part that needs to be worked in order to instigate or ignite change. That change which happens at the energy levels. You know that everything is energy. Therefore, if one by one you work on your own consciousness and awareness and setting your personal intentions. Then setting an intention that can be commonly held and conceived to be believed by the greater populous. One by one igniting change and embodying that change. There cannot but be a commonly held values based system that will be at play and at work that which runs behind the scenes. It can be then that you can unify and come together as the collective and work towards your common goals based on intrinsic values and beliefs and a positively held view towards the future. Change is never easy. But once you unify to create the energy that is healthy for the forward moving actions required at this time. Those that create and foster the truest and purest sense of joy, peace, harmony, tranquility, trust, love, contentment, serenity, sincerity. Those concepts of humanitarianism, universality and the common good of all.

I hear mention of the word ‘revolution’ on many occasions of late. Both nationally, internationally and in the global context. What this brings to mind for me at this time. Is that never more than now is there the need for ‘change’. But that change that has to happen one by one, from the inside out as part of the collective. When I think of ‘revolution’ it stirs and delivers negative connotations. It brings to mind the notion that revolution rides on emotions. The emotions and feelings of fear, rage, conflict, dispute, humiliation, pride. How the internet helps make a revolutions in my view has to be mentioned too.

When what we should be unified and collectively working towards is ‘evolution’. As everything is energy. So too, therefore everything by virtue of its nature is subject to change. The change necessary in accordance with conditions, situations, circumstances and the change at the cellular and energy level.

Most specifically I speak of ‘conscious evolution’. You know that all things of an evolutionary nature required gradual progress and work towards change. At times as individuals you need your own space and time for self to work through these personal changes and then there are times when you will find and know that being party of a larger collective like-minded group of people. That is what is required as part of your evolutionary process. It’s about the intention. For the greater good of your people. Again to keep things real, tangible and relevant you could look at ‘conscious evolution’ as being your acquired ability to choose how and what you become in the future. Based on your spiritual growth, brain health, and advancement in science, medicine, psychology, sociology and technology.

Good can be borne out of the most difficult, challenging and uncertain times.

I speak from my soul and the perspective of the individual, the collective group in the context of community, nation, international and global.

From the way in which I view the world is from the place of a higher and compassionate standing.

Championing your truth, ability and intention.


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