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The Auspicious Friday 13th

See, therein lies the paradox. And that is just from the title ‘The auspicious Friday 13th’. A paradox because for many people they hear, see or think of ‘Friday 13th’ and already I can hear this group of people say out loud. ‘I am not even going to get out of bed let alone do anything much that day’.

They create and allow for themselves to be trapped in their perspective thinking of doom and gloom, a bad omen and being unlucky.

But if you are to look at ‘Friday 13th’ purely from this perspective. Ponder this thought – that your thoughts become your reality, thoughts become things, everything is energy therefore the more time, attention, focus and space you give to your negative attitude towards this foreboding date. The more lack and stalemate type situations you will bring unto yourself and experience on Friday 13th.

At this juncture I will say one thing. If you are to hold tight to this negative type perspective associated with Friday 13th. Count yourself luck as this is the only time you have to worry about it during 2016.

Now I am going to look at it from the other side for a moment. I myself personally harbour a strong connection to and with Friday 13th. Going to have to make this one really count as there is only the one this year.

For me Friday 13th marks a very special anniversary date and even though May is not the month associated with this anniversary. It is the date that holds and stores and when needs be replenishes my wavering energy at this time.

Friday 13th for me holds within its vibrational energy that which is intangible. But I can feel my own personal power rising already and the clock has not even struck 12 midnight of Friday 13th just yet. I am currently sensing and feeling the natural flow of energy gently at present flowing through my body. The ebb and flow. I am at one with my own inner power. At peace and ease right now and I am aware of how I am feeling and what I am feeling at this time.

Now to touch on that other word that would have seemed contradictory at the very beginning. ‘Auspicious’ – to use such a word as a prefix to Friday 13th. Who could or would do something like such only me.

But yes, for sure and absolute good reason I use ‘auspicious’. For I am in acceptance and acknowledge the celebratory quality this which Friday 13th brings forth for us.

Therefore I am in preparation ensuring I am in an open and receptive place in myself. Not allowing of the negative (logical thinking) monkey mind to take centre stage, nor right or left stage tomorrow. As there is simply too much soulful and soul filled activation to be partaken of during this 24 hour period.

So, if you are like myself and looking on Friday 13th as a good omen, luck and opportunity.

I sincerely wish you well as you create the opportunity for yourself to step into your power. Make choices that support your soul’s journey at this time and acknowledge and celebrate how far you have come thus far.

You need to be very aware during this time as all things can and will move along quite swiftly. You may hold a deep need to be open and honest with yourself. You will want to express and speak your truth. And as song and music is an expression of your soul. If you find yourself bursting into song. Simply Be!

You are being provided with a magnificent opportunity to state your truest and purest form of authenticity. That which is about to come up to be extended outwards. Through your own divine knowingness, process and nurturing. You will use your talents and abilities to make this world a better place for each individual to live in.

Happy Empowering Friday 13th to each and every one of you!

Championing you,


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