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Where ‘Ego’ and ‘Soul’ collide

When I question. Do I set my question from the place of my ego or my soul?

From the place of my sincerity and the ingenuity of my souls offering that which I provide through my facilitated worked here at this time.

I once and so often find the questions being asked of me. The question that sounds and would seem to the average listener to be in ‘affect’… Whilst the objective listener waits in anticipation for the response.

I’m waiting, listening, wanting to hear. Your answer to this question.

Alas, the question will take on many different meanings and holds within those words uttered the potential to be either interpreted or misinterpreted. Subject or contrary to the person whom is listening and what their perception is to be.

The one general question I do ask of each and every one of you is; are you asking this question from the place of your ego or your soul?

If you set your enquiry from the place of ego. Within the structure and format of the question you will tend to hear the start of every question being; ‘what will..?’, ‘how will..?’

But when you allow of your ego to direct the question. Straight away you have in ways set the scene and the energy for the preconditioning of the answer that will arrive. At destination ‘Ego’ relative to your question asked where in your world all things are seen and viewed, in, or as black and white. Where all things, being relevant or irrelevant.

The ego when it goes uninterrupted or unchallenged. It has the preconditioned tendency in movement and nature to go towards its peak. To where it is always right. It knows the answer before the question is even asked. You will quite often find and I can vouch for this in my own professional facilitation that where your reach out and gently and subtly move inwards closer and around the energy of the questioner. Boom! Bang! Ouch! Resistance. We are tending towards resisting the need to feel resistant even. We need to maintain ‘control’ at all times in this proceeding.

You might often find that the person whom asks the question from the place of ‘ego’ is a person whom has already asked the exact same question of others and in some cases they have received what they truly personally view as being the correct and proper answer to their question. When they are privy to more depth, curious questions and enquiry. Things are getting a little too deep.

Black is black and white is white. ‘I am out of here’! I have either heard what I wanted to hear from you or alternatively you have questioned me and ‘my defences are up and they are staying up’. ‘No one is pulling them down’. ‘I am staying perched here.’ ‘Right here sitting on the fence’. ‘I quite like sameness in my world right now and it’s ok’.

My general and curious question for your ‘ego’ is – why ask the question repeatedly for yourself when you have the need to hear the same answer.

My nugget to the ego – there is no wrong or right, no black or white, no good or bad relatively speaking. It’s about your enquiry your perception and your interpretation. Your unique and individual story. With feeling!

When you step forward and ask your question from the place of your soul. You are setting up the conditions in a safe and curious way to become freer and easier and more aware and accepting in the moment, of your thoughts, feelings and emotions. All is flowing just as it needs to be right now. You know there is no right or wrong, good or bad, black or white. Therefore you can give yourself permission to be totally and utterly yourself. To move towards answering your own questions. Your questioning style will be that of wonder and curiosity. The curious part of your question being ‘the spirit of your enquiry’.

You know that anything that is truly worth knowing lies and lives deep inside of you. You know, that same information that you are currently withholding from yourself at your conscious level is and can be facilitated for in order to be excavated and uncovered and treated at its authentic, natural, nurturing, individual nature in an appropriate manner for you. You may already know that you are not necessarily looking for a big story. For sure you are already open and receptive for you would not have asked your question with such wonder and curiosity otherwise. Knowing before our conversation even is initiated that you are about to be supported and facilitated for during this conversation to go and to be with the aspects of yourself that are showing up at this very time in order, in need and want of experiencing a sense of healing.

In conversational healing your souls expression is facilitated for in order that it acts as a catalyst to go deep, to explore, uncover, identify and embody healing at this very point in time as you journey.

Topic – Expansion. Recording of live show 17th May, 2016

Hi All,

sharing the recording of my live show on 17th May. I opened this show by speaking about ‘expansion’.

Listen to hear where it took us then.


Championing you,

The Auspicious Friday 13th

See, therein lies the paradox. And that is just from the title ‘The auspicious Friday 13th’. A paradox because for many people they hear, see or think of ‘Friday 13th’ and already I can hear this group of people say out loud. ‘I am not even going to get out of bed let alone do anything much that day’.

They create and allow for themselves to be trapped in their perspective thinking of doom and gloom, a bad omen and being unlucky.

But if you are to look at ‘Friday 13th’ purely from this perspective. Ponder this thought – that your thoughts become your reality, thoughts become things, everything is energy therefore the more time, attention, focus and space you give to your negative attitude towards this foreboding date. The more lack and stalemate type situations you will bring unto yourself and experience on Friday 13th.

At this juncture I will say one thing. If you are to hold tight to this negative type perspective associated with Friday 13th. Count yourself luck as this is the only time you have to worry about it during 2016.

Now I am going to look at it from the other side for a moment. I myself personally harbour a strong connection to and with Friday 13th. Going to have to make this one really count as there is only the one this year.

For me Friday 13th marks a very special anniversary date and even though May is not the month associated with this anniversary. It is the date that holds and stores and when needs be replenishes my wavering energy at this time.

Friday 13th for me holds within its vibrational energy that which is intangible. But I can feel my own personal power rising already and the clock has not even struck 12 midnight of Friday 13th just yet. I am currently sensing and feeling the natural flow of energy gently at present flowing through my body. The ebb and flow. I am at one with my own inner power. At peace and ease right now and I am aware of how I am feeling and what I am feeling at this time.

Now to touch on that other word that would have seemed contradictory at the very beginning. ‘Auspicious’ – to use such a word as a prefix to Friday 13th. Who could or would do something like such only me.

But yes, for sure and absolute good reason I use ‘auspicious’. For I am in acceptance and acknowledge the celebratory quality this which Friday 13th brings forth for us.

Therefore I am in preparation ensuring I am in an open and receptive place in myself. Not allowing of the negative (logical thinking) monkey mind to take centre stage, nor right or left stage tomorrow. As there is simply too much soulful and soul filled activation to be partaken of during this 24 hour period.

So, if you are like myself and looking on Friday 13th as a good omen, luck and opportunity.

I sincerely wish you well as you create the opportunity for yourself to step into your power. Make choices that support your soul’s journey at this time and acknowledge and celebrate how far you have come thus far.

You need to be very aware during this time as all things can and will move along quite swiftly. You may hold a deep need to be open and honest with yourself. You will want to express and speak your truth. And as song and music is an expression of your soul. If you find yourself bursting into song. Simply Be!

You are being provided with a magnificent opportunity to state your truest and purest form of authenticity. That which is about to come up to be extended outwards. Through your own divine knowingness, process and nurturing. You will use your talents and abilities to make this world a better place for each individual to live in.

Happy Empowering Friday 13th to each and every one of you!

Championing you,


Live Show from 3rd May, 2016. Reconnecting with your own divine power.

Hi All,

Sharing my most recent recording of my live show from 3rd May. Interesting as the area I was guided to focus on during this time was ‘reconnecting with divine source’. Take a listen to see how it all unfolded during this conversation.

A faithful request for my prayers. Having faith and belief enough to trust…

A faithful request for my prayers

The title above may seem somewhat strange to some readers (A faithful request for my prayers) but to those who know of me and I have facilitated with and for over time. When in communication and conversation with individuals I am conversing at soul level.

So, earlier this morning I received a message. The words of which were a sincere and soulful request for my prayers at this time. It may sound selfish. But I have had to learn to become discerning as to whom and for what reason I give of my time and energy to others.

I am doing and giving voluntarily in this instance. Why? I was guided to show up and be of service. I was guided by the sheer sincerity of the request. But moreover I was guided by the energy of the ‘individual’ whom was requesting. For held in the energy of this request was an insurmountable level of faith and belief, enough to trust in the creator/divine power and that which is infinitely possible. Even at this trying and difficult time.

This individual was guided as to when to ask, how to ask and to whom they were guided to ask for what may seem almost like a more tangible approach to something far greater and bigger than our conscious minds could conceive or convey at this time.

Because I was connecting at a soul level during this brief correspondence. I deemed it unnecessary to know their ‘why’. I knew enough that it was a soulful and heartfelt genuine request. That I was been asked as they were guided for me to show up and be of support to this individual at this very time.

They had in reality what was a faith and belief strong enough to trust in a complete stranger to be their support at this very time.

So this complete stranger (being me) gave of her word that she would honour their request for prayers. As I sat and got comfortable with my own inner dimensions and started my process. It ALWAYS starts out from my place of purity of motive, inspired by a loving heart. I offer myself up for this healing work. This offered is being made for the highest order and greatest good of the person whom seeks this healing at this time.

Then as I sat in stillness and focused on this request. I found myself sharing of the following message. A message which too many whom are experiencing difficult or hard times, challenges, obstacles, issues or problems in their lives. Can and will resonate with the follow:

• Retrieve, reignite and reactivate your own personal power.
• Never lose faith.
• Empowerment – ALWAYS hold onto your own personal power. To have faith enough to believe and to trust. That all will unfold and work out for your highest and greatest good and that you are always taken care of by divine source.
• You are guided as to where to go ‘to ask and it will be given to you, seek and you shall find, knock and the door will be opened to you’.

“And so it is”. Yes, I believe this very morning what transpired in this brief encounter was that of an individual whom wanted my prayers but whom needed my simple yet profound words of support, guidance, encouragement, integrity and empowerment. They needed to be reminded of the strength that which is their own personal power.

Exchange of energy. Yes, this person will offer up a prayer for me in return for my offering and being of service today.

Today, like attracts like. I.e. Being in alignment and in that moment having the ability and holding the space needed to support another individual at the deepest levels. Albeit remotely.

Supporting individuals all over the globe via the written or spoken word. All initiated and progresses via email, phone, and skype conversation.

I truly am an ‘Authentic Spark’! The concept of time or space holds no limits for me. The world is a virtual place.

Never be alone!

Championing you,


Resonating with this lady. ‘Being the best I can be’!

Hi All,

sharing the link to my most recent live radio show. What resonates with this caller was ‘being the best I can be’. Listen to get a feel and taste of how a true and real healing/coaching conversation flows. As I am always guiding towards where you soul is guiding during a conversation.

Enjoy listening and always remember there are benefits that can be borrowed through listening to anothers participation too.

Please do feel free to contact me with any questions or queries.

Championing you,


Connecting subconscious with unconscious and calling forth to the conscious mind

Healing is for life. Not just for a day. It’s not about short term gratification, those feelings that may arise and in that very moment you feel ‘better’, ‘uplifted’, ‘lighter’, ‘happier in yourself’.

Yes. I hear you say… but that is exactly how I want to feel and/or how I feel after a healing experience?

I speak of healing in the context that as life is a journey, where each of us as unique individuals finds our own way to traverse and process our each and every step along our chosen path.

Your soul is the safe place, your vault within which is housed the blueprint for your life experiences. Therefore everything you have created as your story thus far in your life has been for a reason. For your highest good and your greatest lessons to be learned. Well, the opportunities for beneficial and wise learning to be had but that is a choice you make as your create the tapestry that is your life. Free will and free choice, always.

As a coach and facilitator of healing I advocate for healing being a process. If and when someone is truly on their path of healing. That which is to be for their highest and greatest good and empowerment. The following is necessary:

• They need to have enough faith to stay open and receptive to healing energy at all times
• The willingness to participate openly in their facilitated healing conversation
• The ability to want to become curious at this very time (during the facilitated conversational style
healing process)
• To be truthful and honest and allow whatever information that is showing up right at this time to show up
• To trust enough that what is showing up during their session time is their own souls guidance and
• To be prepared to participate in their own unique healing process between sessions

So very often I hear people speak of having tried all types of healing experiences and psychological and emotional interventions and nothing has worked for them.

Herein lies your key. To truly enable and activate a process of true and lasting healing opportunity. One first must be facilitated for in a way that gains access in an easy and effortless way. In a way that creates that safe space and way for the client. The last thing that you want for, is any more stress, unease, discomfort, upset, pain or trauma. You want to be guided, at this very time. Where you are likely in the process of making the unconscious conscious decision. That now is your time to do something and by taking action by way of initiating that first step which is your biggest step towards change.

You want to create and build a strong foundation for yourself. As I often refer to this aspect as ‘the holy triad’ that which is body, mind and spirit. I also repeatedly mention that all aspects are interconnected and that one cannot profess to be in a healthy state if another aspect is less vibrant. This then extends outwards from the ‘self’ to effect aspects of your life. As, too, no areas of your life stands in isolation from another. There are varying levels of interconnectedness between one area and others in each your lives. Those areas of your lives I refer too are family, social, business, (relationships) finances, physical, spiritual and mental fitness/learning/personal development.

From this you can take that my approach and my way are all about providing the time and space and my unique ability to facilitate for you in a safe and easy way. It’s about working at your own souls pace and not at a quicker faster pace than your soul is guiding and enabling the way and the approach to connect subconscious with unconscious and bring forth to your conscious mind.

True and pure healing is about long term solutions to all of lifes issues, problems and troubles. You will be directed by your souls’ guidance towards the areas and aspect of your life that is ready to participate willingly and openly on your healing journey at this time.

If now is your time for positive, enlightened and empowered change. Why wait. Take your initial step, let organise a time to talk to see if you are truly wanting to make this real change in your life.

Follow this link to my contacts page and leave me a message and we will get to connect soon. http://cathycavanagh.net/contact-us/

Championing you,


The journey of a thousand miles begins with one step

A massive opportunity this week for meaningful introspection. For you have to go inwards in order to allow for the right time and space for outward expression.

During the course of the past week many of you may have noticed how imaginative and creative thoughts and ideas were coming into your mind. You would have observed that you were not consciously nor intentionally calling forth this particular aspect and thought form. But it was running unconsciously in the back ground.

The type of things that may have been showing up were:

Your dreams and aspiration and for a brief moment (in the moment) it all felt so very real. Like it was happening now. It had that surreal quality about it that felt magical and for a moment you let go of your rational and logical thinking and allowed for the time and space to be ‘childlike’. To experience those feelings of what it would be like. Only with childlike innocence, one could imagine.

You had spontaneous moments where the question arose within you:

‘Who are you’?
‘What are you truly here to do’?
’Is there more in you’?
‘Could you really do this’?
‘Truly what is your potential’?
‘Are you being true to you’?

The days during the course of the past week in particular have opened doors and windows to your truth, your wonder and awe, your inspirations and aspirations.

If you have not done so already I would guide you to take a few moments and recall thoughts, feelings, emotions, ideas, inspiration. In particular those dreamy pictures, sounds and feelings.

For it is all of this same information that you want to carry with you into this week where you will take the time and space to become introspective. See how it feels, what it looks like, sounds like when you view those same images, thoughts, feelings and impression (in the now) from the space of your conscious mind.

You currently have a major opportunity, in time and space to clear your mind and ready your space and take the time to start to set your intentions on purpose fuelled by your soul’s guidance.

Your key right now is ‘awareness’. Become aware of everything that is happening or not happening in your life. The people around you. Your boundaries. Your time and space. Don’t distort or delete any information that will rise to the surface. For it is as I do always say in these situations.

‘There is nothing that comes to your mind that is irrelevant or to be perceived as seemingly insignificant. All that shows up right now is showing up for a reason. The important fact is to be able to interpret and read this information. That which is your own soul’s guidance.

There are many people at this time embarking on phenomenal journeys of self-discovery and exploration. They are wanting to create and build strong foundations. That will be there steadfast home and harbour in which to dock. For you all want and need to be able to traverse, merge and blend outward expression with inward knowing.

You are creating the way for manifesting your hearts desires less that sense of denial, sacrifice.

‘You are whom you are, here to serve in your own unique way. Now is your time’.

If you are ready and wanting to open up and reach your true and full potential. Do not hesitate to contact me today to activate your own unique and purposeful process.

“The journey of a thousand miles begins with one step”. Lao Tzu


Facilitated Healing Session – Topic Health – Immune System/Auto Immune Disorders

Hi all,

during this live radio show (5th April, 2016) I spoke about health and in particular focused on the immune system and auto-immune disorders specifically.

This facilitated healing session provided the time and space in a safe way for people to focus on the specific health aspect and notice what showed up for them at this time.

Remember that I come from the place and speak from that space of all things being interconnected. Ie. when it comes to health issues. I am always focused on working with my clients on looking for and identifying the emotional root cause of illness, sickness or disease.

Please do feel free to borrow some healing benefits from this recording. Notice and be become aware of what shows up for you this very day.

Follow this link below to recording of live show.

Live Radio Show from 22nd March 2016 – Topic: Emotional Release & Incoming Freedom

Please do feel free to take some time for yourself to listen to recording of my live radio show.

If you are open to receiving healing. You have the opportunity here to borrow some healing benefits.


Follow this link to listen: