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All Souls’ Day is celebrated on November 2nd, in Christianity this is a day commemorating the faithful departed, particularly but not exclusively our relatives.

One could say; ‘there is not a day that passes that I do not remember those passed to spirit, whom I hold nearest and dearest in my heart and cherish all those special moments once had’.

But today we come and join together in Christian faith and form part of the collective consciousness. That place that binds and brings us all closer and into that greater sense of togetherness. We pray, we visit our loves ones’ resting place, we listen to their favourite music, watch their favourite film, we do a pursuit or a job that we may not really want to have to do. But we do it with gusto and passion with attention to detail for that is the very way that particular special someone would have done it. In their own unique way.

It is very much at the forefront of my mind today as I in a very conscious, in a particular and special way to mark the celebration of this special day. Both for myself personally and those whom I love dearly whom are now in spirit and also in the collective sense. As I reminisce on my partaking and sharing of some aspects of my own unique and divine gifts.

If you could for one brief moment ‘rest a while with me’. Cease what it is you are doing and be still, be quiet and breathe deeply and evenly into your own body. I am an advocate for ‘your healing hands’, in all of my healing work and here is none different. So, taking your healing hands, place one hand over the other, rest your hands in the centre of your chest, your heart area. Breathing deeply and evenly into your healing heart and out (inhale & exhale), repeat this three times. Then simply sit in your own stillness, in your quietness and connect with those whom you love dearly that are in spirit. Allow yourself to be in this state and allow whatever that comes into your mind to be there.

The way in which those in spirit will communicate with you will vary as to where you find yourself in your own life currently. By this I share that it could be words of inspiration or visions of foresight been shared, it could be the reminiscing of stories and memories once made and shared. It could be words of guidance, support and encouragement.

There are often times as I facilitate for the process of healing through my own unique conversational healing approach. That as I take my client deeper on their souls’ journey there have been times, (the right time in the right way for my client) that the mediumship aspect of me comes into play and work with the energy. Imparting a specific and particular message to the client whom I work with. But the memories that I cherish and hold nearest and dearest to my own heart are those times when I have facilitated or formed the bridge for my clients enabling them to form their own unique conversation and communication with a loved one in spirit.

Therefore on this very special day. I am offering to one guided individual the opportunity to connect with me for a free guided session where you will be in a safe place in a safe way and I will form the bridge for you to experience a very special communication and conversation with your loved one in spirit.

If you wish to avail of this my selfless and unique offering today. Please follow this link and leave me a brief message and can arrange a time from there. I will connect with you via skype or over the phone.

Follow link: http://cathycavanagh.net/contact-us/


Conversational Healing with Cathy on nfts Oct 20/15

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My Healing Hands

My Healing Hands:

When I work with people at the right time in the appropriate way. I work with individuals to activate their own healing hands through the use of self-healing approach which they can participate in themselves in a responsible way in their own time on a daily basis.

Today I was reminded of a time in the relatively recent past. When I was showing up to support and assist my own mother post-surgery. During this time she contracted shingles.

I recall the day this was diagnosed and treatment prescribed. I remember the doctor saying; ‘this is not just an ordinary case of shingles but it was one of the worst cases I have seen in my medical career’.

I thought to myself. ‘Great, when we done it we didn’t do it by halves’.

The doctor when on to forewarn me that the pain she would undoubtedly experience would be very severe, an excruciating level of pain. She could expect things to be like that for several weeks thereafter and even 6 months down the line she could expect to still experience a level of pain associated with these shingles.

I honestly did not have the time to give things a seconds thought. I was simply doing what was needed to be done. Until as little as a few days after her shingles diagnosed and treatment started. I noticed that what was very bad outbreak on her body was starting to clear. Also there was a low level of pain experienced, I would honestly refer to it more as a discomfort.

I was slightly baffled myself initially as I was aware of all the doctor had said to me. Then light bulb moment – of course, why did I not think of that sooner. I work predominantly through my conversational healing approach and style. I had been brought back to centre by spirit to my rightful place. That ‘I am a healer’ I facilitate a process of healing for all that I work with in whatever way is the uniquely guided way for them.

I too offer distant healing sessions for those whom find themselves suffering, ailing or sick in any way.

My healing hands were active each and every time I came in contact with my mother. Her healing was faster than anyone could ever conceive medically or physically possible.

What was it attributed to – my healing hands and the readiness, willingness, openness, faith and belief in a high power greater than any of us.

For more information or assistance please follow the link below to make contact.


Thought Provoking – ‘Reflective Monday’

In the midst of all else this very day.

Spontaneously just taking a moment on what is turning out to be ‘Reflectionary Monday’.

It’s all about divine timing, the right timing. For today totally unexpected I received a number of messages the nature of which was to update as to how things are progressing for clients at this time and a PS: thank you again… genuine and sincere gratitude.

Those whom wrote today. Took the time out this day to practice gratitude in this simple act of writing their update and thanks to you… message.

Each one of those individuals were grateful they found me for it was through my unique way and approach that they found their true essence and power. They found their way to live their more purpose filled life in an empowered way.

For each one of those people. Even though it was just a small number of hourly sessions over a relatively short period of time. What they received in honesty throughout our time spent together via skype and over the phone. They could never have contemplated.

For some they were blessed too with receiving inspirational, loving and supportive messages from loved ones in spirit. For all in one shape size and form I shared with them psychic perceptions.

In the threads of each of those messages today also were the words of ‘remember you told me…’ you told me a date and that date turned out to be…’.

It sure was an added bonus on their healing journey and one they were not expecting.

‘Things and events as you perceived them came to pass’.

In the symmetry of the words shared and written today I could see and sense the varying levels and degrees of progressive changes. That transformational change which has been undertaken and is continuing to happen on a daily basis. Often times change is taking place beknownst to the individual themselves. As it is more times than not. Easier for others to note and observe change than for ourselves to be fully aware of change happening.

As a society (in our varying/different cultures) we place significant relevance and importance on the spoken words, written too.

The spoken or written words are the portal through which I initiate a healing conversation with each unique individual client. Your own words allow me to guide the conversation in the direction you truly need to be headed at this given point in time. But from my unique standing, place, power and knowingness. It is everything behind your words that holds and leads me to where it is you want and need to be at this very time.

Everything behind the words is about the true sentiment and feelings, the emotionality that your words carry. The energy that is carried in each word spoken or written that I receive. The wounds, the scars, tears, hurt, pain, anguish, fear, hopelessness, uncertainty, worthlessness… In truth people come with an open heart and an open mind to be guided. Therefore upon arrival they show up in a totally vulnerable state.

That wanting to to deeper and understand and becoming more aware of self and others. I always remind clients when I work with them that our primary relationship is with ‘self’ stemming from that place of ‘self’-lover all our other relationships can be borne into this present time (the divine/right time) cultivating (planting seeds) nurturing (watching things grow and develop and augmentation of your relationships of choice.

Wherever you are reading this right now you are at differing stages during the course of your ‘Monday’. But if you were to do nothing else note worthy of a ‘self-observing/reflective’ nature today.

Do take a moment to ponder the following:

Spontaneously think about your words of connection over the course of the past 48 hours. (be they spoken or written) Spontaneously what connections comes to mind?

Now think back on the words you shared with that person(s). Think about the sentiment and feelings behind your words and what I also focus on when 1 2 1 with my clients. When speaking in terms of ‘energy’. How close or how far will you allow yourself to be close enough to the other person. It is at this point in this place in my specific way and approach that you can start to see the real why and why not’s to the truth of your holding back or moving closer to and around the other persons’ energy.

Today at my most vulnerable. I too was open to accepting and receiving these kind words of gratitude. But what moved me most was not the words written but the sheer sense of the energy in those words. The feeling and emotion that each word written carried. Therein lay for me the truth of the matter. They took of their time to connect and share having come from their respective places of utter vulnerability to share with me now on the turning axis the good time and the awareness and the culminating of dreams shared and plans made to make their dreams a reality.

In summary; ponder upon your connection or lack of..? how you show up or not as the case may be..? But curiously I want for you to take a few moments to think about your why’s or why not’s, in your own time in truth. Remembering your primary relationship begins with ‘self’ and ends with ‘self’. As displayed by a number of my clients today the benefit in kinds of showing up, being vulnerable and allowing their own journey of personal and spiritual development to unfold.

Conversational Healing – Conversational Healing with Cathy Cavanagh Oct 6/15

Link to recent live radio show where I share my unique approach with live callers.

Recording of my live show 22nd September 2015

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Coaching/Healing demonstration of my facilitated process on Sept 8/15

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Facilitation of Collective Energy Healing Session

The theme I chose for this collective/group facilitated energy healing session was:  Woman, Femininity, Motherhood.

Why not borrow some healing benefit and in your own time have a listen and partake in your own guided healing session.

Enjoy this process as I facilitate and guide you through and on your journey today.

Link below to my most recent live radio show on News for the Soul (Life Changing Talk Radio)


Recent Coaching Client Update

Hi Cathy,


Well it’s all going on as you said to me previously it would.  Busy, Busy!  The 11th August which you had said came and dad went for his consultants’ appointment.  He was then admitted to hospital on the 13th and had his heart valve replacement on 14th August.  Complications have arisen as you said.  He is clinically doing well but mentally not.  Confused, agitated and aggressive at times.  Would you mind sending him a distant healing.  Thanking you so much in advance.


As for the blood transfusion you talked about at the very beginning of our sessions. Dad has had this too.


The tattoo you mentioned also I have now seen.  I am curious to note what I observe of this professional relationship in the near future.


That legal correspondence you mentioned has arrived and yes, September as you said will be the court.


Thank you Cathy for everything.  It will be time for another coaching session with you in the next few weeks.

Ever so grateful and appreciative of having you to support, encourage and coach me.  Your facilitation has made a massive difference in my life over the past 6 months.  The difference in me is noticed by others.  In my physical, emotional, psychological, mental  & spiritual aspects.

On live radio a coaching conversation with Cathy Cavanagh

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