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When Life Throws you a ‘Curve Ball’ be ‘Prepared’.

It’s never about trying to control life circumstances and situations as they present, arise and are in your life. But there is a certain level of preparedness that is required and will prove most valuable at these times you find most challenging. It’s about preparing the best and most appropriate way forward for you. So […]


The Anatomy of Change post US Presidential Election

It certainly was a question that was asked of me numerous times over the course of the past months when I hosted my own live radio show. A large proportion of its global listenership been in the USA. ‘How do we vote?’ ‘How do we choose?’ ‘Who do we choose?’ I witnessed and sensed such […]


Seasons of Life & Seasons of Growth

Earlier this morning I received a message from a client whom was curious as to the significance and meaning of the robin redbreast. She has observed that whilst she was outdoors yesterday afternoon and again this morning. The same little robin was by her side as she immersed herself in something she is most passionate […]


An Impromptu Conversation about Depression

As I was fleeting about just now. The TV in the background caught my attention and in the moment I deployed my global listening skills. The conversation was about depression. As I went about what I was doing and listened to this conversation. I lost count of the number of times I heard the word […]


Connective conflict between ‘being at peace’ and ‘avoidance’

My facilitated process and way is a gentle and easy flow of conversation. It is through this conversation that insight, wisdom, knowledge and guidance is shared. How do you, as the recipient need to show up. With an open mind and an open heart. Openness is the precursor for all great learning, knowing and awareness […]


Wrapped as a Gift!

I have the honour of coaching with some beautiful individuals. As we journey together in our collaborative coaching team. With each session comes more depth, knowledge, wisdom, insight and information. It’s an unfolding process. It is a journey on which we partake together. Myself as the coach and my client as the coachee. I refer […]


The Healer, Intuitive and Social & Emotional Intelligence Coach

A statement I use as a healer and intuitive and social and emotional intelligence coach is – ‘there is no one area of my life which stands in isolation to another’. Therefore in my practice all coaching style conversations are very real, relatable and are relevant to where the clients is currently showing up. I […]


Physical Health – treating symptoms, not addressing emotional root cause!

Recently, it has been brought to my attention and my awareness of times when my unique style and ability to instigate a healing opportunity has shone through. On numerous occasions I have sat in consultants waiting rooms and there have been some occasions when the analogy of ‘being in the right place at the right […]


Most Recent Recording of my live Radio show – 6th September 2016

Sharing the most recent recording of my live radio show. As always if you have any questions or queries please do not hesitate to contact me. Enjoy.


Overwhelm and healthy maintenance of your wheel of life.

I am noticing in more recent times a predominant sense and feeling of overwhelm. This sense and feeling of overwhelm could have originated out of a sense or feeling of – uncertainty, insecurity, lack of control, disappointment, unease, disharmony, protection, disbelief, avoidance, facing your truth, the real story. The senses and feelings above are examples […]


Recording of my live radio show from 9th August, 2016

Hi All, Sharing my live show from 9th August. Enjoy!


Recording of live radio show from 26th July, 2016.

Hi All, Please feel free to listen and share with others whom you feel could benefit from a healing conversation with myself. At any time if you have questions or queries. Please do not hesitate to contact me and I will be happy to inform and help. Follow this link to listen – http://bit.ly/2b3mOxI Championing […]


Happy World Energy Day! Actively promoting Modern Energy.

Happy World Energy Day! I am a Modern Energist. Promoting the field of modern energy as a professional energist. It is a part of my mission to create the space and the way for my clients. So that modern energy can be an intrinsic part of the individual healing journey. Empowering others through self-healing, development […]


Recording live radio show from 12th July 2016.

Hi All, Sharing this link to my live radio show. I opened the show by speaking about ‘Creativity’. Most specifically asking you (the listeners) the question – ‘Creativity, what does it mean to you?’ I also touched on one of the key area with regards to Social and Emotional Intelligence. The specific area of ‘Self-Awareness’. […]


Recording of live radio show from 28th June 2016

Sharing recording of my live radio show.


Subtle reminder of how important my being of service is – through conversation

There is only one constant in life and that is change. No one knows what tomorrow will bring. Nor what lies await around the next proverbial corner. What we do know is that change is inevitable. We can choose to go with the flow or stay static in resistance. Free will and free choice. Always […]


When what truly matters, matters most…

I was met earlier this morning, greeted with the stark and poignant reminder of how fleeting life is, how temporary, its impermanency. A candle flame that burned only hours before, snuffed out. A young life taken too soon. So much done, doing so much and so much more yet to be done. It’s the transient […]


Recording of live radio show -14th June 2016

Hi All, I opened this show talking about ‘reset’. How people can feel they have dealt with past issues and are now finding themselves in situations where they are continuously being pulled into the energy of there own past stories. Where all the emotions that truly need to be addressed are being triggered. Again and […]


I want for you…

I want for you to have the eyes to see, the ears to hear. I want for you to have the courage to acknowledge and accept your wisdom, your truth. I want for you to stay open. Sufficiently open at this time to allow yourself the time and space to cultivate growth. Your process of […]


‘Emotional Seasons’ – Intro to my radio show 31st May, 2016

Hi All, Sharing the link to my most recent radio show. My introductory topic I opened the show with was ‘Emotional Seasons’. Click on the link below to the recording of the show and have a listen and find out more… Please do feel free to share with others that this can be of help […]