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Connecting subconscious with unconscious and calling forth to the conscious mind

Healing is for life. Not just for a day. It’s not about short term gratification, those feelings that may arise and in that very moment you feel ‘better’, ‘uplifted’, ‘lighter’, ‘happier in yourself’.

Yes. I hear you say… but that is exactly how I want to feel and/or how I feel after a healing experience?

I speak of healing in the context that as life is a journey, where each of us as unique individuals finds our own way to traverse and process our each and every step along our chosen path.

Your soul is the safe place, your vault within which is housed the blueprint for your life experiences. Therefore everything you have created as your story thus far in your life has been for a reason. For your highest good and your greatest lessons to be learned. Well, the opportunities for beneficial and wise learning to be had but that is a choice you make as your create the tapestry that is your life. Free will and free choice, always.

As a coach and facilitator of healing I advocate for healing being a process. If and when someone is truly on their path of healing. That which is to be for their highest and greatest good and empowerment. The following is necessary:

• They need to have enough faith to stay open and receptive to healing energy at all times
• The willingness to participate openly in their facilitated healing conversation
• The ability to want to become curious at this very time (during the facilitated conversational style
healing process)
• To be truthful and honest and allow whatever information that is showing up right at this time to show up
• To trust enough that what is showing up during their session time is their own souls guidance and
• To be prepared to participate in their own unique healing process between sessions

So very often I hear people speak of having tried all types of healing experiences and psychological and emotional interventions and nothing has worked for them.

Herein lies your key. To truly enable and activate a process of true and lasting healing opportunity. One first must be facilitated for in a way that gains access in an easy and effortless way. In a way that creates that safe space and way for the client. The last thing that you want for, is any more stress, unease, discomfort, upset, pain or trauma. You want to be guided, at this very time. Where you are likely in the process of making the unconscious conscious decision. That now is your time to do something and by taking action by way of initiating that first step which is your biggest step towards change.

You want to create and build a strong foundation for yourself. As I often refer to this aspect as ‘the holy triad’ that which is body, mind and spirit. I also repeatedly mention that all aspects are interconnected and that one cannot profess to be in a healthy state if another aspect is less vibrant. This then extends outwards from the ‘self’ to effect aspects of your life. As, too, no areas of your life stands in isolation from another. There are varying levels of interconnectedness between one area and others in each your lives. Those areas of your lives I refer too are family, social, business, (relationships) finances, physical, spiritual and mental fitness/learning/personal development.

From this you can take that my approach and my way are all about providing the time and space and my unique ability to facilitate for you in a safe and easy way. It’s about working at your own souls pace and not at a quicker faster pace than your soul is guiding and enabling the way and the approach to connect subconscious with unconscious and bring forth to your conscious mind.

True and pure healing is about long term solutions to all of lifes issues, problems and troubles. You will be directed by your souls’ guidance towards the areas and aspect of your life that is ready to participate willingly and openly on your healing journey at this time.

If now is your time for positive, enlightened and empowered change. Why wait. Take your initial step, let organise a time to talk to see if you are truly wanting to make this real change in your life.

Follow this link to my contacts page and leave me a message and we will get to connect soon. http://cathycavanagh.net/contact-us/

Championing you,


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