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Connective conflict between ‘being at peace’ and ‘avoidance’

My facilitated process and way is a gentle and easy flow of conversation. It is through this conversation that insight, wisdom, knowledge and guidance is shared.

How do you, as the recipient need to show up. With an open mind and an open heart. Openness is the precursor for all great learning, knowing and awareness to be imparted.

Your state of ‘openness’ allows for the necessary conditions to be fostered and cultivated. Those which provide the opportunity for deeper exploration, discovery and evaluation to take place.

Change is never instant. Nor by virtue of its nature is it meant to be. In your healthy state of being and in your current set of circumstances. You both want and need for your truth to be brought clearly out into the open. Brought to bear on your conscious mind.

In recent times. I have observed and noted how many people have shown up for their initial session and together as I facilitate. We have worked through the issues that the client has raised as that which effects them most at this time.

Mostly the theme showing up initially is ‘work place disharmony’. When asked how do they want to feel. ‘At Peace’ is what instinctively comes up for people. Together, through conversation we start to work through the thoughts, feelings and emotions that are brought and carried to the surface at this very time for the client. It is all that is being shared in this very moment during this very conversation that is relevant, necessary and meaningful for the individual. But it is the way through which I guide this conversation that opens the way to encourage more information to come forth.

I am facilitating for my client at their souls level. Therefore I never rush, push or force what is coming forth. Hence, why I refer to change as being a process through which we move, flow and be. It does not happen instantly. Change is happening all of the time. It goes unseen and unheard often times. For it is my view, that a significant number of people spend more time searching for and taking on the perceived stage. For example; ‘happiness’ but as time passes. They find yet again something has been relatively short lived. Why? Because they did not first learn to be with themselves. To be in that space where for example in this present moment they actually feel anxious. Go be with that feeling of anxious, firstly. Find where you are feeling it in your body and be with it. Breathe into that feeling of anxiousness. Let whatever shows up, show up. It is exactly what you need to sense and feel right now. As you work through this feeling ‘energetically’ you will find that it starts to evolve. It starts to change. Maybe what started out as feeling anxious is now a sense and feeling of ‘disharmony’. And the process and the way continues and flows as we move through conversation infusing energy work as we go. Always the holistic approach to life and living.

So, having brought to light the real reasons, the underlying issues at play in the work environment and team dynamics. We have talked through issues, raised awareness and shared some strategies to apply instantly in the work context that will make that aspect of life a little easier to start with from this point onwards.

We meet via phone or skype approx. 7-10 days after their first session and assess what has been most prominent for the individual during this time and how application of strategies to deal with ‘disharmony in the workplace’ has worked for them. It is all about participation, too. You have to put the work in. Change is constant, but you want to be in ways positively directing that change you want to see in your life.

I am finding it is at the initial outset of this second conversation that for those whom are showing up in that state of ‘openness’. Open mind and an open heart. They start to open like the lotus flower. What is their truth, the real reason why they are here with me in coaching, starts to come up for healing.


The truth of the matter is that the new theme of these conversations moving into that second conversation is ‘avoidance’. Avoiding having to face up to and deal with and be with what is really happening in their lives at this very time.

Over the past month or so I am finding the theme of avoidance showing up around illness and dis-ease. Where a close family member has a terminal condition.

For individuals being in the place and state of readiness to accept and acknowledge what is really happening in their family lives. Plus most prominently they are finding the need to speak their truth. To learn and take on a new way of being. Their unique way of being. That which will empower them to be able to show up and be and do what is necessary for their loved one whom is ill, and their other family members at this time.

This group of people is wanting and seeking the insight, wisdom, guidance and knowledge. All of which will see them through and carry them onwards as they progress on whatever is to be their journey taking into consideration their family members. For there is more than themselves to think of in this equation.

They need to look at life from all aspects for themselves. Physical, emotional, psychological, mental and spiritual. Some find it interesting that they are needing and wanting to be prepared in a practical way too. To have thought through practical aspects pertaining to their lives and how when that time comes for their loved one. That they will honour their own truth and do what they feel is the right thing for them to do at that time.

It is a very stressful process and one which is best thought through with clarity of body, mind and spirit.

As we progress on our coaching journey together. We continue to go deeper and deeper on the individuals’ journey. Gaining more clarity and insight as we go. Whatever your soul is ready to deal with will be guided and brought to your awareness at this time.

Enriching Experience:

It is always enriching when clients learn that whilst they are on their journey of healing, self-discover, self-development and betterment. The actions they take, be that through thoughts, deeds or words. They cannot but in some way, size or shape have but cause and effect on others closest and around them too. It is what I refer to as ‘borrowing benefits’.

The process of change affords these individuals the opportunity to become more connected with ‘self’. Provides them with the way and approach that takes them away and out of their more left brain and logical thinking mind. It takes them on a journey that involves right brain characteristics. Most prominently those of emotion, expression, creative, colour and intuition.

I lead a conversation in the direction it needs to go for the client. It is all about empowering people in a compassionate, non-judgemental, supportive way. Being able to hold that space for my clients so that they can go to where they need to go in a safe way at this their chosen point in time.

That connective conflict that can be found between that wanting of the ‘being at peace’ and their need until this time to stay in that place of ‘avoidance’. One can quite plainly see the contradiction between both. For how can one body harbour that sense of ‘peace’ when it is in a constant state of ‘avoidance’.

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