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Coaching Conversation

I serve clients on a journey of love, healing, awareness and development for their highest good. My healing work is about holding a particular space where miracles can and do happen.

It is about holding that person in the space of love and non-judgement. It is about supporting them and giving them the tools they need to pursue their path of healing. It is about being a clear channel to bring through the divine energy that fuels that healing; bridging the gap, forming a tangible link between science and spirituality.

The manner in which I facilitate is always ‘Permission Based’, by that I means that I will not conduct or carry out any aspect of my healing work without first asking permission of the client. Once I have received the clients’ permission then the healing process can begin.

I will connect with your conscious and subconscious. I will establish a connection with you on an energy and soul level and will listen to your language patterns.

I emphasise the relevance and importance of working at a subconscious level with my clients, ‘the mind of the soul is the subconscious’. I work with my clients in such a way that they can see the soul as the developing portion of their whole nature. It is ever changing, growing and learning and uses free will to explore, create, test and discover.

What one thinks and feels emotionally will find expression in the physical body. In a practical way, I refer to energy healing as a holistic practice that considers the patient/client; the well-being of a patient/client’s mind, their psychology, their emotions and behaviours.

Healing is also a natural practice. Each one of us has it within us to heal. From the scientific perspective the window of consciousness is connected with the waking state and the thinking mind.

Open-mindedness is the non-attachment to thoughts, in a manner that all thoughts are relative and not absolute.

Awareness is the perceptive window connected with feeling, vibration and love.

Science is not only about thinking, it is also very much about intuition, your point of attraction and distraction. Just as a closed mind will slam shut the doors of creativity, inspiration and innovation so too will a closed heart have the same energetic impact.

The word ‘Psyche’ comes from the greek word which means ‘Soul’ and ultimately ‘Self’ in the sense of ‘conscious personality’ or ‘psyche’. So for me a psychic is someone who can read the soul. A person who can access information for the purpose of soul evolution and spiritual development. When I refer to myself as ‘psychic’ it is simply because I believe I read and see what your soul is searching for to grow and assist you in knowing that.

Science and the Healing Arts:

The line between science and intangible spirituality, that which is not definite to the mind and can contain many perceived gaps which I through my healing work endeavour to close. I am a firm advocate for embodied enlivened emotional release work.

All too often, spirituality is associated with being ‘peaceful’. It is my belief and teaching that spirituality is about reality. It’s about ‘your’ perception and ‘your’ truth. It’s about inquiry, it’s about the method and means to liberate perception – it’s where our inner source meets the outer expression.
Again, creating that comparative view between science and spirituality. The spiritual seeker looks inside, the scientist looks outside, but the looking itself is the master key.

Once you have awareness it is much easier to change and shift and transform areas in your life.

How does the coaching session work?

I facilitate and work with a client through my uniquely individually based process which when combined incorporates the following principles and techniques:

  • Listening, use of clean language questioning style and understanding at a very deep level that no word is accidental and that no thoughts, feelings, emotions that present shortly prior to a session or during a healing session are to be disregarded or considered by the conscious mind to be irrelevant. I say this time and time again. It is often times in the smallest, seemingly irrelevant detail or considered insignificant recall or story that the greatest profundity, opportunity for true healing lies.
  • Encouraging and supporting the individual to be honest and truthful with themselves.
  • Understanding the importance of our subconscious programming and how it impacts on our present day lives.

I am a certified life coach, NLP Practitioner and an Energy Psychology Practitioner. These learned skills combined with my authentic spiritual gifts creates for a truly simple, effective, gently profound healing experience. It is the natural blending of scientifically based tools and self-healing techniques that work on a conscious and subconscious level. I am here with you on your journey, sharing with you that which is my pure and true authentic self, combining my unique blend of spiritual gifts to create your opportunity for true learning and empowerment and ultimately your healing experience.

Love, compassion, time, space, empathy the ‘gift’ these are things that I have developed on my own personal journey.

I leave no stone unturned, no avenue unexplored and follows every clue. I am always focusing on the person I am with. I listen to every word the client speaks whilst also listening for what is not been said, processing the meaning of words on many different levels. We need to be sure what that word means to the individual. It is here at this point that I am guided by spirit to perceive those words not spoken but that are stored in the subconscious mind. If and where appropriate I will with the client’s permission, volunteer information and guidance as I receive from divine source.

I am always looking for a much deeper and far greater understanding than what people may see on the surface. I am constantly listening with an open mind and an open heart, searching at a subconscious and soul level for what you truly want and need to bring forward for healing at this time during a session. Also, do be advised that what can come forth will be gentle loving guidance and support from divine spirit that which is pertaining to issues that you may not be ready to deal with at this very time. But if you are here, right now, reading this. You know that you are not here by accident. You have been guided. Your time is now. You can find your way through my process towards healing that which encourages, promotes, advocates for ‘your personal healing experience’. In your own time, in your own way. I am a firm believer that ‘healing is a process’. It is not about being a ‘quick fix’ solution to your issues, problems or concerns. It is about finding and becoming one with your truest and highest ‘self’. It is about bringing your subconscious (soul) guidance and information into your conscious awareness and from there on an ongoing basis utilising self-healing tools to cultivate for your happier, healthier, easier, joyful, loving life ahead.

I have come to refine my own unique individual based healing approach that enables me to be a channel for divine healing but also to be the observer and facilitator of self-healing. Conversation is my clairvoyant and psychic accelerator once conversation is initiated and starts to flow. Psychic perception will naturally and authentically become part of the process. I also channels spiritual guidance through the written word.

As a facilitator of healing, I take a person on a personal journey of self-discovery and exploration, taking them inside themselves. I connect with them at their deepest level ‘soul, energetically and emphatically. I become consciously aware of who you are, what you’re thinking and feeling, constantly whizzing around watching and listening for every single cue. Often I know where I am going but I want to stay flexible enough to allow the client to take me there. The process and healing way is all about the individual client and finding their truest point of healing in the moment. I want for everyone that they become empowered to achieve more on their own.
People will often build barriers because they feel uneasy about going ‘there’. They may feel ‘I cannot admit that’…. ‘No, I ‘m sure that can’t be it’… At all times I am listening for the subconscious, soul communications, the subconscious thinking.

Remembering at all times that healing happens on all levels. Emotional, physical, psychological, mental and spiritual. My healing process is for any person whom feels drawn to me. As I say; when two come together, the healing team is formed. ‘Stay open and receptive to healing happening at all times, in all ways’.
Listening is an art. It’s about setting aside my agenda to get curious about my clients’ needs and wants at this time. ‘You and I are in the process together’. It is my intention always for and about the highest good of my clients. Therefore my goal in a session is to uncover the truth without blame or shame and help the client to set themselves free.

Connection is established between myself and my clients in a safe way and space. This relationship is built on trust, confidentiality, truth, openness and honesty, in a compassionate and non-judgemental way. The process is compassionate, non-judgemental guiding manner with you at the centre. The things that happened all those years ago are still stored in our energy bodies (systems) and impacting on how you perform or show up in your life today.

Listening is the gateway through which the healing process happens.

I always promote and support the cultivation of a safe space and a unique and simple way, creating a safe container or vessel within which a person can be truthful and honest with themselves. I encourage and guide you in a gentle way to speak your truth and give yourself permission to express outwardly what is wanting to be brought to awareness internally. Healing happens when we are in a state of being present, calm and in a safe place.

Don’t come if you want me to agree with you, come to be guided. I need to be strong but I also have to be gentle, so you feel safe in that.

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