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Where ‘Ego’ and ‘Soul’ collide

When I question. Do I set my question from the place of my ego or my soul?

From the place of my sincerity and the ingenuity of my souls offering that which I provide through my facilitated worked here at this time.

I once and so often find the questions being asked of me. The question that sounds and would seem to the average listener to be in ‘affect’… Whilst the objective listener waits in anticipation for the response.

I’m waiting, listening, wanting to hear. Your answer to this question.

Alas, the question will take on many different meanings and holds within those words uttered the potential to be either interpreted or misinterpreted. Subject or contrary to the person whom is listening and what their perception is to be.

The one general question I do ask of each and every one of you is; are you asking this question from the place of your ego or your soul?

If you set your enquiry from the place of ego. Within the structure and format of the question you will tend to hear the start of every question being; ‘what will..?’, ‘how will..?’

But when you allow of your ego to direct the question. Straight away you have in ways set the scene and the energy for the preconditioning of the answer that will arrive. At destination ‘Ego’ relative to your question asked where in your world all things are seen and viewed, in, or as black and white. Where all things, being relevant or irrelevant.

The ego when it goes uninterrupted or unchallenged. It has the preconditioned tendency in movement and nature to go towards its peak. To where it is always right. It knows the answer before the question is even asked. You will quite often find and I can vouch for this in my own professional facilitation that where your reach out and gently and subtly move inwards closer and around the energy of the questioner. Boom! Bang! Ouch! Resistance. We are tending towards resisting the need to feel resistant even. We need to maintain ‘control’ at all times in this proceeding.

You might often find that the person whom asks the question from the place of ‘ego’ is a person whom has already asked the exact same question of others and in some cases they have received what they truly personally view as being the correct and proper answer to their question. When they are privy to more depth, curious questions and enquiry. Things are getting a little too deep.

Black is black and white is white. ‘I am out of here’! I have either heard what I wanted to hear from you or alternatively you have questioned me and ‘my defences are up and they are staying up’. ‘No one is pulling them down’. ‘I am staying perched here.’ ‘Right here sitting on the fence’. ‘I quite like sameness in my world right now and it’s ok’.

My general and curious question for your ‘ego’ is – why ask the question repeatedly for yourself when you have the need to hear the same answer.

My nugget to the ego – there is no wrong or right, no black or white, no good or bad relatively speaking. It’s about your enquiry your perception and your interpretation. Your unique and individual story. With feeling!

When you step forward and ask your question from the place of your soul. You are setting up the conditions in a safe and curious way to become freer and easier and more aware and accepting in the moment, of your thoughts, feelings and emotions. All is flowing just as it needs to be right now. You know there is no right or wrong, good or bad, black or white. Therefore you can give yourself permission to be totally and utterly yourself. To move towards answering your own questions. Your questioning style will be that of wonder and curiosity. The curious part of your question being ‘the spirit of your enquiry’.

You know that anything that is truly worth knowing lies and lives deep inside of you. You know, that same information that you are currently withholding from yourself at your conscious level is and can be facilitated for in order to be excavated and uncovered and treated at its authentic, natural, nurturing, individual nature in an appropriate manner for you. You may already know that you are not necessarily looking for a big story. For sure you are already open and receptive for you would not have asked your question with such wonder and curiosity otherwise. Knowing before our conversation even is initiated that you are about to be supported and facilitated for during this conversation to go and to be with the aspects of yourself that are showing up at this very time in order, in need and want of experiencing a sense of healing.

In conversational healing your souls expression is facilitated for in order that it acts as a catalyst to go deep, to explore, uncover, identify and embody healing at this very point in time as you journey.

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