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A faithful request for my prayers. Having faith and belief enough to trust…

A faithful request for my prayers

The title above may seem somewhat strange to some readers (A faithful request for my prayers) but to those who know of me and I have facilitated with and for over time. When in communication and conversation with individuals I am conversing at soul level.

So, earlier this morning I received a message. The words of which were a sincere and soulful request for my prayers at this time. It may sound selfish. But I have had to learn to become discerning as to whom and for what reason I give of my time and energy to others.

I am doing and giving voluntarily in this instance. Why? I was guided to show up and be of service. I was guided by the sheer sincerity of the request. But moreover I was guided by the energy of the ‘individual’ whom was requesting. For held in the energy of this request was an insurmountable level of faith and belief, enough to trust in the creator/divine power and that which is infinitely possible. Even at this trying and difficult time.

This individual was guided as to when to ask, how to ask and to whom they were guided to ask for what may seem almost like a more tangible approach to something far greater and bigger than our conscious minds could conceive or convey at this time.

Because I was connecting at a soul level during this brief correspondence. I deemed it unnecessary to know their ‘why’. I knew enough that it was a soulful and heartfelt genuine request. That I was been asked as they were guided for me to show up and be of support to this individual at this very time.

They had in reality what was a faith and belief strong enough to trust in a complete stranger to be their support at this very time.

So this complete stranger (being me) gave of her word that she would honour their request for prayers. As I sat and got comfortable with my own inner dimensions and started my process. It ALWAYS starts out from my place of purity of motive, inspired by a loving heart. I offer myself up for this healing work. This offered is being made for the highest order and greatest good of the person whom seeks this healing at this time.

Then as I sat in stillness and focused on this request. I found myself sharing of the following message. A message which too many whom are experiencing difficult or hard times, challenges, obstacles, issues or problems in their lives. Can and will resonate with the follow:

• Retrieve, reignite and reactivate your own personal power.
• Never lose faith.
• Empowerment – ALWAYS hold onto your own personal power. To have faith enough to believe and to trust. That all will unfold and work out for your highest and greatest good and that you are always taken care of by divine source.
• You are guided as to where to go ‘to ask and it will be given to you, seek and you shall find, knock and the door will be opened to you’.

“And so it is”. Yes, I believe this very morning what transpired in this brief encounter was that of an individual whom wanted my prayers but whom needed my simple yet profound words of support, guidance, encouragement, integrity and empowerment. They needed to be reminded of the strength that which is their own personal power.

Exchange of energy. Yes, this person will offer up a prayer for me in return for my offering and being of service today.

Today, like attracts like. I.e. Being in alignment and in that moment having the ability and holding the space needed to support another individual at the deepest levels. Albeit remotely.

Supporting individuals all over the globe via the written or spoken word. All initiated and progresses via email, phone, and skype conversation.

I truly am an ‘Authentic Spark’! The concept of time or space holds no limits for me. The world is a virtual place.

Never be alone!

Championing you,


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