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Is healing with you a religious process?
No, it is not a religious process.

What is your conversational/spiritual healing process about?
The spiritual healing process is about moving towards wellness.  It’s about bringing all the pieces of your life into alignment.  Spiritual healing can support well being on all levels – emotional, psychological, mental, physical and of course spiritual.

How can spiritual healing support well being?
Spiritual Healing can support well being by addressing the spiritual, soul and psychic levels of healing.

You refer to spiritual intent, what do you mean by this?
Spiritual Intent is about – who you really and what you really want to do in life, this forms your spiritual intent.  Your unique energy makes ‘you’.  You are here on earth to learn, grow, play and experience in this life.

So, all I need is spiritual intent in order to make changes in my life?
Along with spiritual intent, there is your physical reality; your health, work, your place of work, relationships and the personality you have developed.  Where reality does not match your spiritual intent, it creates problems.  If you are deeply out of touch with your spiritual intent, you have probably developed a personality that does not reflect truly who you are.  This creates deep emotional blocks, stress and many life problems.  For example if you are addicted to something, not happy in the place you are living, not in the right job for you, or you have relationships with people who hold you back, they don’t raise your spirits.  All these things create stress and poor health.

How do you know you are a healer?
I am highly sensitive to energy around me. I can feel into the energy of another. I am highly empathic and easily able to sense the emotions of others. Once I go to channel healing energy,  I go to my place, I start to sense and feel the ‘power’ spiritual energy rising out of my deepest and purest connection with divine source.  As a pure channel of spiritual energy healing, that energy is sent and felt in the palms of my hands. At that point I know I am ready to send healing energy to the person whom has requested healing.

You refer to ‘permission base’ in your facilitation and healing process. What do you mean by this?
The manner in which I facilitate is always ‘Permission Based’, by that I mean, that I will not conduct, connect or carry out any aspect of my healing work without first asking permission of the client, with whom Iam about to work.  Once I has received the clients’ permission then my healing process can begin.

What is the difference between religion and spirituality?
In general, it is my belief that religion is to do with a human institution, it refers to a more organised practice and expression of organised rituals as well as value systems and beliefs about mortality and ethics and an understanding of how the world works.  Spirituality refers to a more personal experience which may or may not fit in with an organised religion. It’s about ‘your’ perception and ‘your’ truth.  In the context of my work, it’s about inquiry,it’s where our inner source meets the outer expression.

What is the significance of metaphors?
We use metaphor easily and naturally in everyday speech to communicate complex thoughts, feelings, emotions and ideas. The word ‘metaphor’ here refers to thinking or expressing something in terms of a different concept or image.  Metaphors are doors to deeper understanding – of self and others.

How long does the process take?
There can be no definite answer to that. The process of healing can take time and is and ongoing process which adds to and forms part of your long term for your experience of life and living.  As the process is tailored for your personal journey it will take as long as you need it to take in order to bring you to the point of healing , that which you desire at this time.  It is always about the client and their needs.

What is clean language?
Clean language, is a questioning technique used especially for discovering, exploring and working with people’s own personal metaphors. Clean language helps a client discover and develop symbols and metaphors without being influenced by the phrasing of a question.

How did you learn to heal?
I learnt to heal from the depth and purity of my strong connection with divine source.  There I am guided and direction as to in what way I am to conduct my healing facilitation.

You are also an Energy Coach, share with me a little about how these techniques can be used as tools towards self-healing?
‘What one thinks and feels emotionally will find expression in the physical body’.
As we begin to understand that our health is in direct relationship with our mental, emotional and physical energetic pattering.  It becomes evident that we hold the power of health in our own hands.
In a practical way, I refer to energy healing as a holistic practice that considers the patient’s wellbeing, mind, their psychology, their emotions and behaviours.

Do I need to do any preparation work before we work together?
In preparation for your session. I do ask that you take the time between scheduling an appointment and your and the actual time of the session to take note of your thoughts, feelings and emotions that are showing up for you at this time.   If you feel you are unable to do so.  Simply be honest with yourself and we will work together during session time and take it from that point forward.

How do I know when I need to work with you?
There are many aspects of life I can help you with; if you are feeling unfulfilled, depressed, unhappy, lacking confidence, disconnected, suffering physical or emotional trauma, have fertility issues or can’t quite figure out what is troubling you.
People do not come to me so that I will agree with everything that they are saying.  They come to be guided.  So I need to be strong but I also have to be gentle.

Why should I call you?
I leave no stone unturned, no avenue unexplored and follows every clue. I am always focused on the person I am with.  They are the most important person.  I intently listen to every word my client speaks whilst also listening for what is not been said.  I am processing the meaning of words on many different levels.  I am always looking for a much deeper and far greater understanding than what people my see on the surface. I am constantly listening with an open mind and an open heart.  Searching at a subconscious and soul level for what you truly want and need to bring forward for healing at this time during a session.  It is about finding and becoming one with your truest and highest ‘self’.  It is about bringing your subconscious (soul) guidance and information into your conscious awareness and from there on an ongoing basis utilising self-healing tools to cultivate for your happier, healthier, easier, joyful, loving life ahead.

Can anyone be a healer?
I believe anyone can be a natural healer.  To a certain extent anyone can heal and most people at some stage in their lives will have unconsciously given healing.  I am an advocate for one’s ability to heal.  You are your own healer.

Are you a psychic?
When I refer to myself as ‘psychic’ it is simply because I believe I read and see what your soul is searching for to grow and assist you in knowing that. For me as I facilitate for a client psyche is about ‘Soul’ and ultimately ‘Self’ in the sense of ‘conscious personality’ or ‘psyche’.  Therefore a psychic is someone who can read the soul.  A person who can access information for the purpose of soul evolution and spiritual development.

What is holistic healing?
Holistic healing addresses all parts of the individual, that of mind-body-spirt, not just the physical aspects of a person where illness or disease have manifested.
It is an ongoing journey of discovery in search of more answers and ultimately, living better.  It is about holding a person in the space of love and non-judgement, supporting them giving them the tools they need to pursue their path of healing.

Are you a counsellor?
No I am not a counsellor.  Please, allow me to share with you how my unique healing process is initiated through the art of conversation.

Listening is the gateway through which y unique healing process happens.  Through my ‘person centred’ healing ways.  I emphasise the value of open listening, mutual respect, clarity and willingness to engage with difficult emotional conversations.

I listen intently to every word my client speaks whilst also listening for what is not been said. I am processing the meaning of words on many different levels.  For I say; we need to be sure what that word means to the individual.  It is here at this point that I am guided by spirit to perceive those words not spoken but that are stored in the subconscious mind.  If and where appropriate I will with the client’s permission, volunteer information and guidance as I receive from divine source.

I emphasise the relevance and importance of facilitating for and working at a subconscious level with my clients; as I say ‘the mind of the soul is the subconscious’.  I work with my clients in such a way; that they can see the soul as the developing portion of their whole nature.  It is ever changing, growing and learning and uses free will to explore, create, test, discover and more.

When you are asked to give advice to someone whom is about to participate in a healing session with you.  What words of guidance would you give?
The most essential words of guidance I would give are to come with an open mind and heart and to stay open and receptive to healing energy. Also to be fully honest with themselves as this is their time and their facilitated healing opportunity.

Do belief and faith matter?
On some level the client will need to belief that ‘they are their own healer’, that in their own healing hands they have the power to heal.

I am a little afraid because I feel I would not be able to talk and express my thoughts, feelings and emotions in session.  I fear being stuck for words.  This would hold me back.  What would you advise?
I would guide you to do what you feel it the right thing for you to do at this time.  It is your choice and decision as to when you feel is the right time for you to participate in your own true healing experience. I encourage self-expression in whatever form it is to take for you. You will be gently guided through your words as to how they are representing your experience in the moment.  Where a client may experience difficult at first to find the words to express their sense and feelings, I will sometimes guide by asking ‘if it were a colour, shape, size, what would it be like’.  I will always make the process to be as simple and effortless for the person participating.

When you say ‘go deeper’.  I would be afraid of not been able to deal with things that could come up for me.  Would this happen?
No, my process is about all about trust, truth, openness and honesty in a compassionate and non-judgemental way.  The uniqueness of my process encourages and promotes for ‘you’ the person seeking the healing experience through conversation at this time to bring to the light, what it is at a soul level, that is coming forward and seeking the pure light of healing at this time. It is your process at all times.  I am simply here to facilitate for your truest experience of healing.  Because the premise of my work is about ‘permission based’, I will never share any guidance or information I receive without firstly asking your permission to share it with you.  If and when you are with me in a healing session whatever aspect is ready for healing will show and attention and time given.  In truth your soul is guiding and directing at all times.  Therefore whatever it is that is coming up for you. You are ready to be supported towards your healing experience.

When I hear the words spirit or spiritual it gives me the impression of seeing spirit? Does this happen?
No, you have no need to worry on that level.  My process and ways are all about respect.  About my own self-respect and respect for the source that channels healing energy through me in all its forms,  and mutual respect that is between you and I throughout the healing session.  Your wishes will be respected.

You refer to your ‘integrated self’ what do you mean by this?
Because my facilitation is about a pure healing experience, it could be seen by some to take on the adage of a holistic approach and way of life and living of ‘well-being’.  I do proactively promote well-being that which from my place is about the integrated self at its’ deepest level; balance of Mind, Body & Soul.

Do you see people or work with people over the phone or via Skype?
Currently I conduct the vast amount of my healing facilitation work over the phone or via Skype. I am available locally for in person private sessions by appointment.

I would possibly feel I would be losing out on the full healing experience with you if I do not see you face to face.  Would this be the case?
I can work equally and as effectively with a client when I am facilitating for an individual over the phone or via Skype.  By no means are you losing out by not seeing me in person.

Can you provide guidance through the written word/via email correspondence?
Yes, I can and I do regularly also channel guidance through the written word.  Via email correspondence.  The information received can and does prove to be insight, practical wisdom based information and guidance relating to your souls journey.

Do you predict the future?
I do not use my gifts and skills to predict the future.  Instead I prefer to assist you in realising your souls’ story and creating your own future.