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The Healer, Intuitive and Social & Emotional Intelligence Coach

A statement I use as a healer and intuitive and social and emotional intelligence coach is – ‘there is no one area of my life which stands in isolation to another’.

Therefore in my practice all coaching style conversations are very real, relatable and are relevant to where the clients is currently showing up. I create and balance a blend which can be deeply insightful for my clients. That blending, which is that of my guided sense and intuition being part of the process. Coupled with the more scientific and tangible aspect of Social & Emotional Intelligence Profiling.

For those wanting to step out of and away from their own limiting ways and move closer and towards their own truth. It is a powerful and empowering process in a practical, simple, relatable and tangible way.

For more information about Social & Emotional Intelligence Profiling and coaching. I can be contacted via the following channel -http://cathycavanagh.net/contact-us/

Sharing this article below which is a relative and comprehensive overview of the significance of EQ and leadership.

EQ is a powerful predictor of leadership performance.

To mention a few traits and characteristics of an effective leader:

* Leaders are life long learners…
* A leader’s intelligence has to have a strong emotional component
* he/she has to have high levels of self-awareness, maturity and
* Ability to handle set backs and enjoy success equally

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