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An Impromptu Conversation about Depression

As I was fleeting about just now. The TV in the background caught my attention and in the moment I deployed my global listening skills.

The conversation was about depression. As I went about what I was doing and listened to this conversation. I lost count of the number of times I heard the word ‘trigger’ being used. For the purpose of this conversation I will refer to a ‘trigger’ as a verb. As in this context it brings about a ‘state of being’.


So, yet again I listen and hear just how much emphasis and significance is placed on ‘triggers’. For indeed one can have many varied and differing ‘triggers’, never generally speaking will it be isolated and awareness brought to a specific trigger.

It is my strong view that triggers are symptomatic aspects of what really needs attention.

Yes indeed, triggers as symptoms need to be dealt with too. But until the individual can move toward coming to awareness and dealing with the root issues and cause of the symptomatic aspects occurring and recurring. Therein lies the real opportunity for returning to vibrant health and wellness and balance in their lives.

Emotional & Spiritual

An individual’s truth lies deep within themselves. To be excavated brought to light for healing and transformation.

It’s about finding the emotional root cause and spiritual aspect which will be your own soul’s information.

It’s about health and wellness and that encompasses all aspects of the individual on all levels.

Physical, emotional, mental, psychological, and spiritual levels and I will add here, for full optimisation of your true potential for healing and balanced well-being. The energetic component.

Powerful Conversation

It’s time to start a real meaningful and purposeful conversation about #healthandwellbeing. Why not give people the way the means and the support in a safe way to go deeper. To #empower and #educate people. On one’s personal #journeythroughdepression it too is a process.

Let’s start a #powerful conversation about what really matters and assist those whom need compassionate support in a non-judgmental way to regain their own sense of #personalpower and #innerpeace.

#mentalhealth #sharingiscaring #ifnotwhynot

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