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The journey of a thousand miles begins with one step

A massive opportunity this week for meaningful introspection. For you have to go inwards in order to allow for the right time and space for outward expression.

During the course of the past week many of you may have noticed how imaginative and creative thoughts and ideas were coming into your mind. You would have observed that you were not consciously nor intentionally calling forth this particular aspect and thought form. But it was running unconsciously in the back ground.

The type of things that may have been showing up were:

Your dreams and aspiration and for a brief moment (in the moment) it all felt so very real. Like it was happening now. It had that surreal quality about it that felt magical and for a moment you let go of your rational and logical thinking and allowed for the time and space to be ‘childlike’. To experience those feelings of what it would be like. Only with childlike innocence, one could imagine.

You had spontaneous moments where the question arose within you:

‘Who are you’?
‘What are you truly here to do’?
’Is there more in you’?
‘Could you really do this’?
‘Truly what is your potential’?
‘Are you being true to you’?

The days during the course of the past week in particular have opened doors and windows to your truth, your wonder and awe, your inspirations and aspirations.

If you have not done so already I would guide you to take a few moments and recall thoughts, feelings, emotions, ideas, inspiration. In particular those dreamy pictures, sounds and feelings.

For it is all of this same information that you want to carry with you into this week where you will take the time and space to become introspective. See how it feels, what it looks like, sounds like when you view those same images, thoughts, feelings and impression (in the now) from the space of your conscious mind.

You currently have a major opportunity, in time and space to clear your mind and ready your space and take the time to start to set your intentions on purpose fuelled by your soul’s guidance.

Your key right now is ‘awareness’. Become aware of everything that is happening or not happening in your life. The people around you. Your boundaries. Your time and space. Don’t distort or delete any information that will rise to the surface. For it is as I do always say in these situations.

‘There is nothing that comes to your mind that is irrelevant or to be perceived as seemingly insignificant. All that shows up right now is showing up for a reason. The important fact is to be able to interpret and read this information. That which is your own soul’s guidance.

There are many people at this time embarking on phenomenal journeys of self-discovery and exploration. They are wanting to create and build strong foundations. That will be there steadfast home and harbour in which to dock. For you all want and need to be able to traverse, merge and blend outward expression with inward knowing.

You are creating the way for manifesting your hearts desires less that sense of denial, sacrifice.

‘You are whom you are, here to serve in your own unique way. Now is your time’.

If you are ready and wanting to open up and reach your true and full potential. Do not hesitate to contact me today to activate your own unique and purposeful process.

“The journey of a thousand miles begins with one step”. Lao Tzu


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