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When Life Throws you a ‘Curve Ball’ be ‘Prepared’.

It’s never about trying to control life circumstances and situations as they present, arise and are in your life.

But there is a certain level of preparedness that is required and will prove most valuable at these times you find most challenging.

It’s about preparing the best and most appropriate way forward for you. So that when life throws you that ultimate ‘curve ball’ (whatever that means or represents in your life) that you are equipped on all levels. Emotionally, psychologically, mentally, physically and spiritually.

Enabling you, to pick up your mantle and wear it, with a greater sense of knowing that whatever comes your way. You are ready, willing and able to be with your life situations and circumstances as they arise and unfold for you.

It’s about stepping away from ‘avoidance’ and into your empowered place of ‘awareness’, ‘acknowledgement’ and ‘acceptance’ on a relative level to where you find yourself at this current time.

It’s about building and creating your own firm but flexible foundation. That which enables the best practices for preparedness. So that when strength, courage, bravery, commitment, responsibility, unconditional love, compassion, empathy are required in their rarest and rawest form. You are ready. As ready as you need to be, to face up to your truth, choices and decisions you will have to make and the inevitability of change happening in your life.

Life will never be the same again.

‘Life is a gift but it does not always come neatly wrapped and tied up with a bight sparkly bow’.

It is at these most challenging times in your life that you will need to fall back on your reserve. Your self-care and self-management account. So that you can take out, what you have invested in, at an earlier stage.

Your necessary level of preparedness is what will see you through the toughest of times during your life.

‘Stand Accountable’.

It is something you know you need to do for you. Relevant and transferable to all aspects and areas of your life.

Curious as I emit this message right now. As I am guided to share if ‘avoidance’ in particular has hit a nerve or resonates with you at this time. I invite you to connect with me and together we will have a short informal conversation to see just what is presenting in your life right now.

Please do feel free to follow this link to my contacts page – http://cathycavanagh.net/contact-us/ leave me a brief message and I will be in touch to organise your complimentary introductory guided coaching style conversation.


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