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Physical Health – treating symptoms, not addressing emotional root cause!

Recently, it has been brought to my attention and my awareness of times when my unique style and ability to instigate a healing opportunity has shone through.

On numerous occasions I have sat in consultants waiting rooms and there have been some occasions when the analogy of ‘being in the right place at the right time’, was both apt and relevant in that very moment for the person concerned.

When speaking with the right person. The person whom can stand in their place of curiosity with an open heart and an open mind. They have faith and belief enough to hear and take the words that ‘you are your own healer’.

But, in that instance I am not even using those words when conversing with the individual. I am simply having a conversation and through this conversation I am guided to points and places that are relevant and relatable for the person.

So, this person has presented to meet with the consultant and may very well have been to another consultant at this point. Because nobody can give them answers to their problem.

Within a few brief moments I have initiated a conversation and guided a few curious questions to take and bring the person to their greatest and most fundamental place of awareness.

I have watched as individuals have been called to their appointments. Turn around to me as they leave the room. Stand still for a moment. Compose themselves. In actual fact they are processing all that has shown up in just a few minutes through conversation.

I will hear words like; ‘Oh, My God. Thank You!’ ‘I see where you are going with all of this’, ‘I can relate to all that you have said’.

It is my strong and considered view that there is far too much emphasis placed on ‘symptoms’ and not enough awareness brought to bear on the significance and relevance of working to identify ‘root causes’.

When an ailment, sickness, illness or dis-ease present in the body. Your body is ready and wanting for healing to take place. It is the opportune time to go deeper and look for the truth of what really is causing your physical illness to be present in your body at this time.

I do not generalise, I do not believe in generalisation. As it can cause confusions for people. It also is my view that to generalise can negate what can be the true and meaningful opportunity which is and can be your healing process.

True awareness is always the first and fundamental step on your journey towards healing. This awareness brings focus to where and what you really need to be placing your focus and attention on during this time.

If you are reading this. You are curious and open to participate on your own healing journey. That which can be your journey back to vital and vibrant health and wellness. It’s about lasting change, your own ways of maintaining a healthy balance in ‘body, mind & soul’ and sustaining your mindset of ‘health on all levels’ – physical, mental, emotional, psychological and spiritual.

It takes preparation, willingness to participate, perseverance, practice and patience. It takes grit!

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