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Recording of live radio show -14th June 2016

Hi All,

I opened this show talking about ‘reset’. How people can feel they have dealt with past issues and are now finding themselves in situations where they are continuously being pulled into the energy of there own past stories. Where all the emotions that truly need to be addressed are being triggered. Again and again and again…

Listen for that whisper that is coming forth to you in the form of another sharing their story at this time.

You are being ‘reset’ and brought back to ‘your start point’ for a reason. You soul is leading you home.

During the show I went onto lead a guided distant healing session taking ‘Reset’ to start with as the core healing word.

Always benefits to be borrowed.

Why not have a listen and borrow some benefits from this session.

Follow this link – https://soundcloud.com/news-for-the-soul-radio/conversational-healing-with-cathy-cavanagh-nfts-june-14-16

Championing you,


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