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Seasons of Life & Seasons of Growth

Earlier this morning I received a message from a client whom was curious as to the significance and meaning of the robin redbreast.

She has observed that whilst she was outdoors yesterday afternoon and again this morning. The same little robin was by her side as she immersed herself in something she is most passionate about garden. Most specifically these days potting plants. This little fellow never left her side. Every time she turned her head to look expecting the robin to have flown away, disappeared. It was not the case. The robin was there very close by yet non-intrusive and non-invasive in the distance he physically put between himself and his subject.

Some may ask the question as to why I refer to the robin as ‘he’. Simply because that is how I am guided. I perceive the energy of this most perfect and beautiful create to be a very subtle male energy and presence.

Initially the first port of call was that of suggesting he could represent a loved one in spirit whom is letting this lady know she is much loved and taken care of by those in spirit. Being mindful of the significance in this day ‘All Souls Day’ in the Christian faith. With a heightened awareness and amplified connection with our dearly departed loved ones in spirit.

This representation did not resonate very strongly with her as she has not experienced the loss of close loved ones whom have passed over and are in spirit.

Then, and at that very moment, spirit started to flow through me and what was imparted and shared was confirmative, supportive, encouraging, uplifting and inspiring. Empowerment at its best!

In this instance and for this lady. The robin showing up and staying around was not a loved one in spirit letting her know they were close by. This robin showed up at exactly the right and perfect time for her in her life.

He represents a multitude of which these to follow are but a few of the characteristics, values, insights, wisdom and guidance of which he is here to share and impart to this lady at this time.

At this time and for this lady he represents; new beginnings, renewal, tomorrow is a new day, joy, happiness, contentment, laughter and clarity.

By virtue of his nature. The robin is solitary, strong, silent, guardian and protector. When he speaks, he is heard. Making sure in this instance that he stayed around and was close enough to create and hold that sacred space which was that of ‘curiosity’. The curiosity of and in the knowing that this was a serendipitous event. His showing up was for a reason. For a greater reason.

The robins’ reassurance of a new beginning that dawns. I have no doubt he will be back again from time to time to reassure simply by his way of his dropping by and staying close for a short period.

More guidance and clarity followed from here. Now, guidance was shared in the form and the way of speaking of ‘seasons of life’ and ‘seasons of growth’.

From the perspective of ‘seasons of life’. November is a month in the season of winter in our planetary aspect and where we are located.

It was then that I introduced the idea or concept of ‘seasons of growth’.

For whilst it is winter as a ‘season of life’ it is spring in the ‘seasons of growth’ for this lady.

Now we were talking, actually singing to her soul. This whole notion and idea resonated with her. It simply felt so very right.

So this very day. This little robin showing up has proved most serendipitous. By way of her genuine curiosity it has taken this lady a step close to taking action and making positive change in her life.

Winter for some will be a period of stagnation, hibernation and going deep. But this lady, through her personal choice is choosing to make this period her spring time, the season in which she can and will experience the cultivation, nourishing, weeding, tending too, growth, colour and flourishing of her life and plans and choices. As she actively pursues and seeks out worthwhile opportunity for growth and development and expansion as she goes.

No longer is she fearful. Her true voice calls out and will be heard. She can anticipate with joyfully expectancy. New growth as nothing will hold her back. She will celebrate the start of her ‘season of growth’ by inviting as much joy as possible into her life. By way of being mindful and living in the moment. Enjoy and savour each and every moment.

For it is the small and seemingly inconsequential moments as events, circumstances and situations unfold. That the greatest learning, the greatest profundity of our lives is held.

So, in this the current ‘season of life’ (wherever in the world you are right now).

Which is to be your ‘season of growth’?

Championing you,


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