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Subtle reminder of how important my being of service is – through conversation

There is only one constant in life and that is change.

No one knows what tomorrow will bring. Nor what lies await around the next proverbial corner.

What we do know is that change is inevitable. We can choose to go with the flow or stay static in resistance. Free will and free choice. Always you’re choosing.

Yesterday, I was very subtly reminded of just how simple, effective, deep and meaningful my unique conversational method and approach can be. The impact it can have on so many peoples’ lives and living. That significant empowerment factor.

I was engaged and participating in conversation which turned to dialogue at stages due to the nature of the subject matter. Social and Emotional Intelligence, Personal Development, and another important aspect of the conversation reverted round those that truly matter in your life and why you should only truly care about what they think of you and why what other people think of you doesn’t matter to you. It’s simply not your business.

Then earlier this morning I found what I consider to be key points and reference and re-reference made and lots of other points brought up during this conversation. I was in my zone. I was going deeper. Simply and effectively into a conversation and being brought to areas and actually issues that at a soul level. Could do with some time and attention and most importantly awareness building.

What really struck me and captivated me about this conversation is that it was not specifically about the relevance of Personal Development and Social & Emotional Development in adulthood. But it was in ways looking at the application of such development and competency building right through from early infancy to adult maturity. Formation of personality, working through the difference stages in relation to significant psychological development and the virtues that are to be the true and real learning. The life skills and tools those which you can and will rely on and pull upon at varying and different times and periods during your life and day to day living.

It brings me back right now to that statement I use most frequently when in communication with others. “There is no one area of your life that stands in isolation to another”. I will add all things are relevant even if seemingly irrelevant. Don’t distort, discard nor delete any information.

Acknowledging your past, evolving your present, empowering your future.

Championing you,


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