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Hi, my name is Claire and below I share of my experience thus far.  My story was that of my marriage break up.  But I want to say that where Cathy guided and directed our conversation brought so much more to the quality of my coaching sessions.  In essence what my soul was ready to deal with at this time.

In brief some sentiments of my experience of being in a coaching conversation with Cathy.

I learned about Cathy from a friend whom had received coaching with her.  The timing was just right. What I witnessed as the change that was happening for my friend.  I simply had to book my session with her.

I am here and now, 12 months after the break up of my marriage with two small children whom are just starting school.  There were days I did not want to get out of bed. Days, where I found myself crying inconsolably.  Wondering to myself, how did I get it so wrong.  My marriage was a failure and that sense of failure seemed to take precedence in all areas of my life from that time forth.

I believe I have been guided to Cathy at this time.  I have experienced first hand a coaching style conversation as facilitated by her and it goes beyond words for me to describe the uplift, insight, wisdom, understanding, awareness not to mention some practical ways of dealing with my feelings and emotions and day to day situations with a new found clarity and an intuitive approach to my life and my living of it.

At this time of writing.  I have had two coaching sessions with Cathy. What has come up and out of those conversations has being amazing.  The conversation has been taken in directions that when I initially contacted Cathy. I would never had thought or imagined it would go.

But it was amazing, motivational and inspiring all in conversation.

The fact that Cathy uses no tools or aids.  Nor does she have to be physically present with you.  She is so easily accessible and her unique gifts and ability are simply coaching with healing at its core.

As Cathy said to me.  You have to go back and treat what has not been treated in order and to give the quality of time and space to move forward, setting goals and achievements for yourself.

The insight I have received from Cathy around my professional standing and how I am seen and how I see myself.  I am currently working on my career plan as some very interesting insights were shared.

I have my coaching conversations with Cathy over the phone and it was like speaking with my best friend.  Actually it was far better.  As I would not nor could not have been as open with my best friend.


I recommend Cathy and what she does to anyone experiencing challenges, blocks or issues in their lives.  She has a way of steering you in the right direction.  And far more that can only be felt through personal experience.

Thank you once more.

Claire – Donegal, Ireland


I made contact with you and asked you if you could help me with my query around business.   I remember your response simply being ‘let’s start this conversation’.

It certainly was a coaching style conversation so very much worth having with you.  The insight, wisdom and practical self-help and healing techniques plus your guided personal statements of which to focus on at this point in time.  I had no idea I was going to come away from our conversation with a refreshed and renewed and focused outlook on where I am currently.  My perspective had shifted to where I truly need to focus my intention, attention and energy right now.

I will be back for my next coaching session with you in the coming weeks once I start to apply in a practical way the guided information and insight which you shared with me.

I know now I can achieve what I have aspire to within the time frame of the end of this year.  Four months remaining but with you as my coach and guide I know I will do just this.  Thank you for your support, encouragement and your ability to take me to the depths in order to clear my own path.


Leslie-Anne   – New York


Cathy, I came to you with a question and what I got from my time during the coaching conversation was just so much more than I could ever have contemplated.

I asked you to advise and guide me as to whether I should stay in my failing marriage or leave.  Where you took me, during this initial conversation was to be the very places inside of me that needed my loving care, time and attention.  I realized in that moment that where I was apportioning blame on my husband for the quality of our marriage and I truly believed that I was doing everything I could possibly do and more to keep or marriage alive.  You gently and compassionately brought me to the places within myself I was ready to visit at the time.  In order to be brought to my awareness, to accept and acknowledge some of the actual real issues that were presenting in my marriage and most importantly you supported and facilitated for me in a very simple but profound way in order that I could see for the first time clearly in my life.  The real emotional issues that I needed to deal with and heal before I would consider making any decisions around my marriage.

I recall you saying to me that when an individual partakes on their unique healing journey it cannot but have indirect benefit for all those closest and around them too. You told me with a little time, patience, mindfulness and practice.  I would start to become more aware and observant of all around me.  It’s less than 3 weeks since our initial coaching conversation and I look forward to our next skype session where I am ready to go deeper and gain more insight, wisdom, clarity and confidence.

You are the reason that I will not walk out of my marriage.  I am starting to see clearly now and with my greater understand of myself and my husband.  I see not just myself but my husband in a new and fresh light.

It’s a big statement but I feel like ‘I’ve been given a second chance at life’.


Melanie – New Jersey, USA



Cathy, before I met you I would consider myself to be a very ‘meek and mild’ person.  I found it amazing how with my very own self-description ‘meek and mild’ you took me down a road and onto a path that would have me perceive myself, my psychological and behavioral aspects in a total different light.  It was awesome.  The timing was just right for me and I keep been told how I seem different these days.  The difference other people notice now is my new found self-confidence.  No more ‘meek and mild’ for me.  I am now an affirmative, considerate, caring and sharing person whom has no problem saying what she feels, when she feels it and to whom she needs to say it.  I found my own missing link connecting back to my emotions and my earlier years and I too look forward to being the main participant in my own life as I go deeper and create the amazing bright and beautiful life that is out there for me.

Paige – Chicago, USA


“Hi Cathy, if you remember a long time ago. (approx. 1 year) I was trying to put my family tree together.

There was a mystery and you told me I would get in touch with cousins in England and the mystery would be solved.

I said I didn’t have any cousins in England they were in the States. Once again you were right. I have met my english cousins and we are putting all the pieces of our family tree together.

Also thank you for the guidance you gave when someone close to me was dying and the help you gave her to pass over. You are powerful!

Anne, Dublin, Ireland

“Cathy you have a very special gift and I am so glad I have met you. You have helped me to see my problems/issues in a different way and to look more into the problem but also into myself.

Helping me untangle the mixed feelings I have and try and make sense of where I am now. Helping me to get an answer to questions I am afraid to ask myself and empowering me to understand that what decision I make is right for me and my daughter.

I was so confused and felt very isolated and felt no one could help me but you have really put me on the path of healing. I mean I know there is a long road ahead but I feel very positive that things have happened for a reason and that only good can come out of it.

Thank you for helping me. Really glad I found you! I am sure I will be in contact again soon.”

Catherine, Sligo, Ireland

“Two years ago my story began. My partner and I had decided we wanted another child. I had a child from a previous relationship, yet we had problems conceiving.

Upon recommendation, I asked Cathy if we could do some work around this issue. To begin with we did some energy healing – focusing on the body and following the flow of energy around my body. It was non-evasive and comfortable. It didn’t take long to find the ‘blockage’.

After that we worked to clear it. It’s important to note that this was not medical. There was no reason on a physical level.

Our healing moved into a conversational platform. We teased out many things before the real underlying issue manifested.

It’s a conversation I didn’t want to have and managed to bury it deep inside. Together we faced it and resolved it. I’m not going to say it was easy – it wasn’t. It was however worth it.

With the gentle guidance of Cathy.  I resolved my issue. Time passed. We remained in communication and the healing continued. Within 3 months, I discovered I was pregnant!!!

Today I have joy in my heart and a peace I haven’t felt for a very long time. Everytime I hold my baby I am reminded of the gift Cathy gave me.

Every individuals’ experience is different. Cathy is simply guided to facilitate for you in ways that will provide the opportunity for long term benefits and solutions and awareness.

My advice: don’t read into it too much. It’s not necessary to understand how Cathy does what she does. Simply surrender to it and trust that through her facilitation and her healing way her simple unique process will work for you. The journey is powerful and very rewarding. Enjoy & good luck.”

Amy, Wexford, Ireland

“Initially, when I contacted you I didn’t know very much about what you did or would do.  I came towards you based on a recommendation of someone whom had availed of your facilitation and healing process and ways.  I felt extremely lost and confused without knowing why.

As I began my work with Cathy, a lot of things began to make sense and a hugh amount of clarity flooded my whole life.

My relationship:  I felt so distant from my partner actually in belief that we’d actually fallen out of love with each other.  I really didn’t feel close to him in any way, any longer.  Through our work I came to realise my own body hang-ups and self-confidence issues had created this barrier together with what transpired, my partners addiction issues leading to a hugh sense of mistrust on my part.  The hugh healing our relationship has received as a result of working with Cathy is phenomenal.  I have become so comfortable in my own skin.  I grew in confidence in turn encouraging and at times even pushing my husband to seek and get the help he needed.  As a result we have NEVER been closer.  Things are so calm in our house hold.  My husband is like a different man.  One I can trust and rely on.

Our little Angel:  our young daughter.  On beginning my sessions with Cathy my little girl has been getting sick constantly and by constantly I mean every fortnight.  She wasn’t able to fight any obstacles that came her way, she was also very frustrated and irritable.  As a result of the distant healings Cathy sent for and too our little daughter and the changes, the healing for both myself and my husband.  She has not been sick at all and has become so relaxed and content within herself.

As part of our sessions through facilitation and Cathys unique way of blending all of her spiritual, intuitive and healing gifts.  I was graced and blessed to have received great guidance also from my grandmother, grandaunt and father in law through Cathys mediumships.  These message seemed to come just at the right time.  These messages from my loved ones gave me a great sense of peace and reassurance coupled with guidance.  I pray to St. Francis of Assisi all the time now at my grandmother’s request.

My Body:  after been diagnosed with a condition 5 years ago, one where my reproductive system had completely shut down.  Doctors are startled with changes that are clearly evident in the last few months.  The believing and healing in these organs is happening and I believe it will continue to do so.

This is just a basis outline of how life has changes for me since working and teaming with Cathy.  I really can’t believe how many REAL issues, at a soul level, emotional and psychological and energetic level, also at a physical level have come to the surface and how many of them we’ve faced together. I will always be so grateful for experiencing your gifts and your healing ways.”
Emma-Kate, Dublin

“When I first contacted Cathy, I was feeling a bit lost in myself and in my life.  It was like I was stuck in a rut, and I just felt like I need support outside of my daily life and contacts.  I decided I wanted to get a life purpose reading, as I felt like my life was going around in circles.  This reading was very helpful and informative and I learnt a lot about myself and why I was feeling the way I was feeling.  It’s like it gave me a new lease of life, and gave me the push I needed to make the changes I needed to make.  I made all these decisions myself, but Cathy was my support, encouragement and back up and really believed in me.  That’s what I needed was someone who validated my feelings and in Cathy’s case she could go deeper and to soul level and provide support and understanding in a non-judgemental way.  I found Cathy to be very non-judgemental and as I could trust her completely.  So after this, we then set up a skype session where I could ask any questions I had about my reading and where she could really tune into what I was feeling.  This was most beneficial, and it was almost like a weight was lifted off my shoulders and I felt happier in myself and more confident.

So I went and got on with my life and living.  Confidently making my choices and decisions.  With the knowledge and understanding of what was truly driving me to do and choose as I did.  Knowing my souls desires. Obtaining my souls guidance to live and be as my soul directed and wished for me to live and be.

I am ever so grateful to Cathy, because I really feel she is an extremely genuine, understanding, caring, selfless and grounded individual, who will never tell you what to do, but someone who will say it as it is, and give you the tools that will assist you to work on your own personal development on a day to day basis.  She is very objective and has such an amazing talent, everything she said to me about myself and my life was so true.

I knew that wasn’t going to be the end of my dealings with Cathy. Whenever I came upon difficult or challenging times, and needed guidance or healing she was there. She provides an amazing service, from intuitive, soul, psychic, medium guidance and readings to spiritual (distant) healing.  She can send healing to you or someone close to you.  I can speak from experience regarding intuitive, soul, psychic and energy reading, communication and facilitation and also her distant healing is very effective.

I have made so many changes in my life in the past year, and I continue to grow and push my boundaries. Those which I now fully realise I had made and set my own limitations.  She really takes the time to listen and understand what you’re going through.

I have moved country and she is still only a skype session/email away!

I am truly grateful and blessed to have met Cathy, and I would recommend her to anyone who is lacking direction on their journey, or anyone who needs healing, guidance and so much more.  She is a true gem.

Thanks Cathy”.
Anna, Canada

“Before the day I met Cathy my life had been going downhill I was in bits and I really had no idea what else I should do. I was following some sort of illusion.  That was until I first spoke to Cathy. My situation was very difficult and rather uncommon. We had several sessions over a period of time. She was very understanding and did not judge. Each session we had got me to see more and more about how I saw myself, who I thought I was and who I really am, and honestly I didn’t understand myself fully and my capabilities.

Cathy got me to go really deep into my identity right to my core, this is how and where she guided me.  This is where my true strength lies and I needed to work more on it. She knew things needed attention without my saying anything. That’s her process, her way and how she is guided.

I have faced the good and bad in my life but yet have not lived my life to its fullest and came away smiling and laughing and very grateful for being on this earth after my sessions with Cathy. She has a gift of enabling you to see clearly without any veil or emotion warping.

Her purest abilities and gifts Cathy has is far beyond mere description with words and as such I openly endorse and recommend any channel of communication between herself and anyone interested in seeing life and themselves in a wonderfully clear and peaceful way.

Each session we had was clear and understanding and no nonsense was given, yet gentle and very relevant in all aspects of my life.

The end result was just too short of an AMAZING! I was guided to take some extreme risks which was an avalanche of clarity and peace and joy for me, in my life. It opened a new path in my life and I started to feel like a reborn person. All of this time I have lived in a bubble. I couldn’t do things that others found it easy. I laughed at any fears I used to have and I passionately follow the path in life that I create for myself. As long as you genuinely ask a question from your heart. Your journey and you shall be at its best.
I shall keep you updated Cathy how things are going. But I want to let others know and show and express my true and deep gratitude for your presence and support on my journey. Serene is one words that comes to mind when I think of Cathy, now. For she is balanced, grounded and centred at all times. You will not be disappointed. From the depths of my soul I thank you for facilitating on my journey. I will never look back. I will only look forward now.”
Martin – Dublin, Ireland

“I recently broke up with my girlfriend and was getting very emotional working through it.

Through her unique, simple healing process. Cathy guided me all the way back to my childhood, wherein lay unresolved issues that needed attention and to be addressed.

I was an 8 year old little boy so sweet and tender! However I somehow decided that because I was sensitive, that meant to me, that I was weak.

The other kids picked up on this and I was teased and bullied over and over. I would not stand up for myself …I kept running away…and today I am still running away….  Cathy, I am so grateful for you facilitating for me and showing what I really needed to address at this time.

Cathy supportively and gently guided me to those dark places that I didn’t want to see or go. I participated on my journey and I listened to my soul and it nudged me on…

I got the opportunity to bring and give healing to my younger self, that aspect of me that still was playing out in my life currently.  Once I started to accept and acknowledge the profound blocks my childhood years had and were effecting my life.  I now as the adult went back and gave unconditional loving support to this aspect of me, the 8 year old boy whom still yearned for loving acceptance.  Now I was able to do as I needed to do in order to heal.
It has been the most transformational healing I have ever received thus far! I feel much different in my body, more alive and a sense of relief too! I feel a renewed strength in my soul.

Cathy …thank you for you …..are truly a gift and I and my 8 year old self are grateful!!!”
Mark – Canada

“I first came across Cathy, through recommendation. As I’m fairly curious in relation to new ideas, I checked out her website. And pondered upon making contact with her, then one night, I sent her an email… and from there the process began.

At that time, I was a very, very confused individual. I lacked motivation comfort ate my way through the day, had longings to sleep, as to avoid, daily life. Everything was a huge chore and I mean everything.

Now getting back to Cathy, we exchanged telephone conversations discussing what I was going through, so henceforth we set up our first session followed by another four consecutive sessions. After the initial session, I felt good, you know how it is!!! It’s always good to get something off your chest, but after the second and third meeting that’s when I really, began to notice the difference. I felt strong, it was like a part of me, had resurfaced after years of being hidden, the next week, I’d day, what does she do to me.

Now I truly understand, she was healing me, and teaching me a way, a new way, for me to get the best out of life. Simple effect self-healing tools, that I utilise, for myself, everyday. After my fifth  session, funnily enough, I didn’t ask what, does she do, I knew it was her, healing me, I can lift my head up now, and walk tall, I’ve more energy and the need to comfort eat, well it’s gone.

I’ve only gone a quarter of my journey with Cathy, all I can honestly say, hand on my heart, is I simply cannot wait, to meet the person that I’m going to be, when I’ve completed on my full journey.
My story, thus far…”
Catherine – Cavan, Ireland

“Cathy, you often cross my mind, and reason for it is, I must say thank you, to you, at least three times a day, in my own mind.

I’ve really turned a corner, and without your help, I wouldn’t be where I am today!!
So thank you.”
Kathleen – Longford, Ireland

“I’ve had an amazing healing session with Cathy recently and this was all done remotely, from the moment that Cathy started to channel healing energy. I became uplifted and strong, this really works, I had a profound experience with it and I can’t thank you enough Cathy for what you’ve done for me and my family, keep up your wonderful work. I will continue to have distant healing with you whenever I feel drawn and in needed of this aspect of your healing ways.”
Gary – Wexford, Ireland

“I met Cathy through a networking event a number of years ago and she generously wrote for me.
Wow, Wow, Wow;  she said there would be two babies the following year and to my delight there was my son and three months later my new nephew. Everything in the script was so accurate the hairs stood on the back of my neck and all has come through as was written. I have since been in touch with Cathy and she sent me some distant healing it was like getting an injection of positivity . I can’t recommend Cathy enough please don’t be sceptical folks this lady is completely on the ball.  Allow yourselves to be open.  Spirit and the Angels work in ways I cannot even comprehend or explain through this lady as a channel of healing and light. Thanks for everything Cathy. Love and Light x”
Margaret, Sligo 


I am lost for words. I can hardly believe the changes that are happening for me in my life right now. I feel like a totally different person now.  I feel alive and energised. I have been in counselling over the past 2 years.  Dealing with my past trauma of childhood sex abuse and also to add to that trauma. An instance of rape later in my life. It has taken me many years to come to a time and place where I felt ready and able to deal with and handle the emotions and feelings that would come to the surface and need to be addressed through counselling.

It was recently whilst I was still in counselling that I happened to come across information about Cathy. I most certainly was guided towards her.  From the time of our initial conversation. I knew, I could feel it. I was in the presence of an individual whom would facilitate for me on my journey towards self-healing. She works authentically through intuitive and spiritual lead.  She is empathetic, open, non-judgemental, compassionate, trustworthy, truthful and honest.  Cathy has facilitated and supported me in a safe way, to articulate experiences and the many questions I have. The Why? Why? Why’s???

Combining a number of different modalities in the field of Energy Psychology with her unique and authentic spiritual gifts she has facilitated for me on my journey in ways that seem almost effortless at times.  Her way and her process is gentle, always encouraging and supporting and cultivating a safe environment, in confidence for my self- healing to happen.

I will continue to work with Cathy until the time that she guides, as I will know that I have reached my ultimate healing.  I know I can never change the story of my past or make it disappear.  Through Cathy’s facilitation and process I am able to accept my own feelings about my story.  I am now more compassionate towards myself and we work towards been less stressed before entering each session.  That helps me immensely towards been able to express my thoughts and feelings and open up fully.  When you are working with the right person it is amazing just how much and how quickly the flood gates open and you start to truly feel and sense your emotions and feelings and expressing feeling becomes easier and the pictures and sounds become clearer.  Yet whilst working through this process with Cathy.  I have not yet myself directly had to go back there to relive or experience that trauma.  With Cathy I am working through an ‘aspect’ model that takes me out of the story and away from the direct trauma of my past.

I will continue with my counselling too. But I want to let others know and show and express my true and deep gratitude for your presence and support on my journey.  Serene is one words that comes to mind when I think of Cathy, now.  For she is balanced, grounded and centred at all times.  My story in truth is hard to listen to and hear at times.  But she stays calm and focused at all times.  That in itself means the world to me and from there I feel safe with anything and everything that is showing up to be dealt with.

Cathy, what you do and how you do it is truly amazing as I have directly experienced it.  After my first session with you. My counsellor even noticed and remarked on the evident different in the way in which I had shown up for counselling.

Thank You Cathy, finally I have found the one I was looking for.  When I was not looking, when I least expected it. With your help and support. I am changing from the inside out and already it feels liberating. I am allowing myself to truly feel once again. That is a beautiful thing too. The things others take for granted. I have not experienced in many years. My story of a ‘childhood innocent violated’.

Cathy, continue to do what you do. You make such a difference in people’s lives.”
Linda – Mullingar

“Absolute awakening. That is in brief what Cathy through her channelled reading provided me with.  I have reached a very comfortable place of awareness and continued on my way towards awakening. I feel bliss, I feel light as a feather. I feel so blessed, so happy.  I could never have thought it possible that one personal channelled reading could have such a power effect, leave such an impact on my life and my living moving forward in my life. A few short weeks ago I was living my life in my ordinary customary fashion of going from one day to the next. Just going through the motions, putting up with my lot as if I had no other choice, no control. Today I am working towards goals that I had only dreamed of as a child.  Today I am moving towards living my life of purpose, with passion, choice and flexibility.  Specific aspects of my creativity are opening up, are simply blossoming, right now.

Cathy you have been the catalyst for tremendous transformation in my life.  I am not apprehensive about the future.  For I now know that this is truly to be my way of living, of being, my choice.  Thank you kindly also for your intuitive lead with regards to my own thought and feelings at the time and character traits, my personality type, and for bringing to my attention some patterns of habit and beliefs that could and would hamper my progress on my new found life path.

Cathy you have shown me the light. Passionately living and fulfilment on my journey is now subject to my choices and my attitude. You have helped me by catapulting me on to a platform from this place I step forward no longer fearful in any way. I have become aware of the fundamentals of my truth.  The cornerstones on which and by which much greatest is yet to unfold in my life. Cathy the combination of your channelled reading and distant spiritual healing has helped me so much.  For me personally it was empowerment and enlightenment rolled into one.”
Susan – Norfolk, England

“Cathy, your intuitive guidance leaves me in awe. For you always just knew intuitively, where something specific needed time and attention and be brought to awareness and explored some more. Even at times when I did not say out loud what I was sensing, feeling or thinking. You were guided to be ‘curious’ as you say yourself to look a little closer at that which was left unspoken. I thank you for your sharing of your unique spiritual and energy gifts. For if you had not explored a little deeper. That which was very relevant and significant on my path toward my self-healing. I would have gone away again not noticing, unaware of that aspect that at its core was in need of healing. From the depths of my soul I thank you for facilitating on my journey. ‘I will never look back. I will only look forward now’.”
Marianne – Waterford

“With clarity of thought and vision. Inspired by my own unique and personal truth. Coming to a time and place where self-examination, reflective consideration, building of a deeper sense of my own self-awareness.  Cathy has facilitated for me and with me. To enable me to reach a greater level of self-awareness and self-acceptance and acknowledgement and understanding of myself.  Cathy truly is an individual of high professional standards. She will leave no stone unturned and wherever and whatever needs attention and self-healing she will guide you gently along that path. At all stages on my journey I felt just that.  It was my journey. I set the agenda and Cathy was with me on my journey as a facilitator. She pushed me a little at times where she was guided to do so. It truly was team effort. Co-Activity was at the core of her approach on this my journey. ‘No topic exists in isolation’. This has hit a nerve with me and I will always remember this and more importantly that I will always endeavour to go further in curiosity and forward and deepen. There is always a bigger picture and a deeper reason behind what truly is motivating me to move forward or an obstacle what stands in my way.  For me the difference is in my attitude, my beliefs, my habitual patterns. In my past, having been influenced by my inherited values, compensatory values and my own sense of judgement of self.

On this my personal journey ‘forward and deepen’. Cathy has combined the following techniques and modalities to form the basis for a truly practical experience of self-healing. She has merged and infused where and when guided the following into our sessions.  The technique and use of NLP framework combined with coaching model and energy psychology modalities which are truly amazing.  Her spiritual mentoring is truly profound and directed and given in such a way that you are provided with tools that make for a more effortless way of living.

Until I met Cathy, I struggled and was somewhat in conflict in my own head.  Now I realise that my inner world was in conflict with my outer experience of my world.  What were issues in business for me no longer are.  I have found my own truth and have come to learn to love and accept myself just as I am.  Loving and accepting all aspects of my being, which makes me whole.

Thank you Cathy, since my time working with you. My outer world now reflects my work on my inward journey.  My business and its days to day operations seems effortless to me.  I am focused.  I am exactly where I am meant to be right now.  My life both professionally and personally is flourishing.  Now that I have come to understand myself better. I am better equipped and more confident in expressing my wants and needs. ‘Survival of the Fittest’!
Cathy you truly are an amazing facilitator. Keep on your course. You have so much to offer.”
Patrick – Clare

“Just stopped by to avail of one of Cathy’s personal readings. I was feeling very confused and frustrated with a specific issue in a certain aspect of my life.  I was amazed at the information in the form of guidance, advise, support and encouragement that was provided to me through your channelled reading.  I had to read your message not twice but three times before the profoundness, the insight and wisdom that was been imparted started to make sense to me.  I felt uplifted and reassured around choices and decision I was yet to make.  Through your reading even though I had not asked the question directly.  I had received confirmation through guidance as to which was the most favourable course of action to take and the potential obstacles to be overcome and the positive outcome if I were to stay true to my own innate knowing.

Cathy also perceived and told me of physical pain that I was in actual fact experiencing and had been for the past 10 months at the time of my reading.  What was to come next I was not expecting at all.  Through Cathy’s process using intuitive and spiritual guidance and her form of curious and specific questioning to start.  I was blown away, as in my personal case.  It did not take long until I came to identify the emotional root cause of the physically manifested pain I was experiencing.  I was amazed to think that emotion (energy) was most likely not just a contributory factor but highly likely to be the underlying reason for my experiencing of physical pain on a continuing basis for over the past 10 months. Together we worked towards resuming ‘even flow’ in my energy body.  Releasing energy that was blocked in my energy field.

I can hardly believe at times how I reached a place of such great healing.  Considering I did not even ask of Cathy to work on the issues and pain that I was experiencing.  I had supressed these feelings and avoided aspects of my life and being in order just that I would not have to face my fears. Knowing I would always have to face those feelings eventually.  But at this time still, procrastination was the order of the day.

Through this process with Cathy.  She brought to my conscious awareness that which was in need of attention and needed to be encouraged and supported at this time to the fore.

I cannot thank you enough Cathy for all you have done for me.  Since then my physical pain has literally disappeared and I now notice it is when I am triggered by a specific emotion.  That is when I can experience a little of the pain once again.  Thanks to your mentoring, also I now know what techniques I can use on myself to relieve the symptoms.

I use one word to describe you and my experience having worked with you ‘Radiant’.”
 Carol – Sussex (UK)

“I would like to take a moment to thank Cathy for doing my soul path it brought chills to my spin how spot on she was after reading over & over found to be so inspiring on so many different levels after only 1 day I feel more positive, the clouds have started to clear & I have a much clearer picture of things

Thanks again Cathy
You have such a great talent xxxxxx”
Claire – Westmeath 

“Beautiful reading with Cathy – could not believe how accurate and detailed the answers were from someone who has never met me! But I hope someday will. Couldn’t recommend having an email reading done with her enough. People have been asking me what I’ve been smiling about all day! A truly lovely experience with a very gifted individual – virtual but real all the same.”
Barbara – Antrim

“I’ve had the privilege of spending time with Cathy both online and in person. To express what I’ve learned and saw would take an essay of depth beyond the medium of facebook to cover. The power and gift Cathy has is far beyond mere description of words and as such I openly endorse and recommend any channel of communication between herself and anyone interested in seeing life and themselves in a wonderfully clear and peaceful way. I’ve gained insights into myself and my life that are crystal clear and that was simply from an online consultation.  Then I had face to face experience which covered meditation and energy techniques which left me refreshed and more relaxed that I had been in twenty years.  You cannot put a lid on the gift this woman has.  I’ve been left with a huge sense of comfort and clarity about myself. The best way to get a true sense of her gift simply get in touch with her and let yourself be open to a journey of healing light.”
Jay, Dublin

“I have recently gotten a reading with Cathy’s Script in conjunction with automatic writing guide. I have found the content very accurate and meaningful for my life. Thank you so much.”
Matthew Halligan

I’ve never met Cathy in fact I don’t know her yet she has given her time 2 me 2 help me with de loss of a dear loved one, she has an amazing gift and truly is a kind hearted person”
x  – Lynsey, Kildare

“Received my reading today … It’s just amazing so relevant to my life now and also I’ve received guidance for the future … It’s so insightful & truthful and many things are said that only myself knew about !!! It pinpointed everything perfectly … I’d urge anyone to contact Cathy’s Script you will not be disappointed or lead astray in any way … Such an amazing & true gift you possess , thank u ? ”
 Karen, Mayo

“I would like to thank you so much for the most honest truthful and inspiring reading. It really touched me and everything became so much clearer. I am forever grateful. Never doubt your gift….what you do is so amazing thank you!!!!”
Eimear, Tipperary

“Thank you Cathy for all your support. you are such an inspiration to all. your very special reading is now making a whole lot of sense and it is mind blowing. This soul searching journey is so overwhelming and exciting all at the same time. Thank you for your roll in awakening the true me. wishing you an abundance of love and light always xx”
Eimear, Dublin 

“Where do I start 2 thanks you Cathy’s Script for all your Message from Angels and Guides and THE AMAZING GIFT YOU HAVE.. You are out on your own in the work and gift that you have you blow me away….. and I hope all the people out there that need your help will get in contact with you ….may god always bless you.. Huge Thanks”
Siobhan, Limerick

“Thank you very much for my reading, you are amazing at what you do, I have never had a reading done which was so spot on.
Thanks again”
x – Anne, Sligo

“I had a fantastic letter from Cathy’s Script delighted and would recommend anybody to get in touch with her for some fantastic results xxx Thank You Cathy
Maggie, Roscommon

“I received some guidance from Cathy, absolutely amazing; I would recommend her highly to anyone, such a professional! gave me a new found confidence, thank you for all your help”
Kelly, Manchester

“Hi Cathy
I want to say a huge thank you for sharing your amazing spiritual gifts with me which have helped me so much. You are such a sincere and genuine person, and truly gifted. I was blown away by everything you said.  The soul reading you did for me was so accurate and informative, and I can’t thank you enough.  I know it will help me so much in my life now and in the future.  You really do have a special gift that I hope you can share with more and more people long into the future.  Wishing you all the best in your future endeavours.”
xx – Sinead, Cork

“Cathy was there for me and my family at a time when life was at its most difficult.  I came across her through a friend and was really grateful for her insightfulness and encouragement during those darkest of days.

I believe Cathy has a real gift …she is a highly evolved individual who has an ability to tune into your life in times of turmoil and make a difference.  Her ability to tune into what was going on in our lives and the continuous offer of support during that time made it bearable.  I cannot stress enough the strength and courage never ending support she gave me during the last days of my husband’s life.  She is unstinting in her support when you most need her and her words and messages gave me great courage that I am now amazed at.

My husband had colon cancer and his beautiful daughters and I spent 14 weeks in hospital loving and caring for him…Cathy was a constant support to us, offering advice and encouragement and spiritual advice.  I believe and I know, she understands on a level that most people don’t really believe.  Alas, Martin did not survive and my children and I have to journey on without him….the pain of that is ours to bear, but we are in contact with Cathy and she has given us messages from the spiritual world that have given us comfort. Cathy is a lady of great healing with great insights and an ability to communicate with the spirit world…I have no doubt about that.”
Una, Roscommon

“I am a Canadian Esl teacher in Seoul South Korea and a part time actor and model.
Sometimes I struggle with decisions….Making the wrong choice could cost me not only time but a lot of money. Cathy Script came into my life about 3 years. Since then I use her guidance to help me solve any issues I might have relating to money or relationship. She connects to my spirit guide and responds with information that is so accurate and helpful. She is truly an angel herself and well worth the experience.”
Mark Robert Whitty

“I was in the midst of writing a book that just wasn’t happening for me. I had an amount of factual stuff written but it just lacked oomph. Within 24 hours after meeting Cathy she emailed me a script that suggested I open up to my creative mind. In fact, she informed me that my creative mind was ‘screaming at me for attention’. I reluctantly did so and miraculously, a completely better direction and outcome instantly presented itself. The book, ‘The Midas Power’, literally wrote itself – albeit with a lot of help from Cathy’s Script.”
Padraic O Maille. Author. The Midas Power

Phenomenal reading. Found the book you spoke of and WOW, what a message! Truly amazing. Thank you SO much, how wonderful”
xxx Emma – Dorset.

“I’ve had four sessions with Cathy, three remotely and one face to face. Each session got me to see more and more about who I thought I am, who I thought I was and who I really am, Cathy got me to go really deep into my identity right to my core and She took me by the hand gently to do it, no matter where I visited in my heart she was like a safety net, gently reminding me all the time of what was going on and that I was safe.
I faced all the good and bad in my life and came out smiling and laughing and very very grateful for being on this earth. She has a gift of enabling you to see clearly without any veil of emotion warping what is really going on in your life and of the important people around you.

Every session was clear and accurate and no nonsense yet gentle and very relevant to what needed to be addressed in my life. the last session which was face to face was the deepest spiritual event I have had on this earth so far. Cathy used a multitude of techniques at Her disposal and tailored them as She saw fit to get the best results for me.

What resulted was an avalanche of clarity and peace and joy in my life. I did not need to hide from myself, I laughed at any fears I used to have and I passionately follow the path in life that I create for myself. Words alone will never get near the benefits of what the sessions can do for you. As long as you genuinely ask a question from your heart or are looking for a solution or path to life and do so with a genuine will to look at yourself then the journey you shall have is going to be remarkable.

I look at life in a whole new meaningful way and am looking forward to a few more sessions as time goes on.”

Jason – Wexford

“Cathy thank you for the most amazing reading, I can’t believe how accurate you were, and we have never met, all from this wonderful gift of Channeled writing that you do.You have taken away all doubt, given me guidance, answered my questions, and all in such depth. I now see with such clarity exactly where I need to focus myself, and what direction to take.Amazing,I will definitely be recommending you to all, to anyone with questions about their life ,what direction to take, areas to work on etc,a reading with you is the way to go, and such a beautiful way with words, many thanks…”
Bridie, Galway