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When what truly matters, matters most…

I was met earlier this morning, greeted with the stark and poignant reminder of how fleeting life is, how temporary, its impermanency. A candle flame that burned only hours before, snuffed out. A young life taken too soon. So much done, doing so much and so much more yet to be done. It’s the transient nature of life. The unknown.

Its gut wrenching, that feeling of being turned inside out and upside down that precedes that prevailing sense of numbness. Feelings of loss, sorrow, grief, anguish, pain. The overriding sense and feeling of ‘LOVE’ – the unconditional kind.

Respect for Privacy – I myself am a very private person. Therefore, I am not one, often, to share personal effects or detail. But these days and at this very time. I am highly sensitive as I am at one with my own personal feelings. The anniversaries of two individuals falls this week. My dearly beloved. Time passes, memories and personal effects I cherish dearly. On the respective dates and on the days that lead into the specific date(s). I find myself, now being drawn right back into that energy at that time. I must remember too that I am celebrating a life lived. Lives also taken far too soon. But in truth I am blessed. For I am able to support myself through my own unique process and be with my former aspects. ‘The six year old girl’. She needs my time and attention right now and she most certainly needs my unconditional love. She needs to know that the adult decisions she made back then when she was a child. It’s ok. She done what she believed was the right thing at the time for her to do. Fundamentally, in energetic terms. She needs to be given the time and space and way to process and be with firstly the notion of death, then build on the concept and then taken through here own inquiry. That of the 6 year old child. What death is, what it means, what it’s all about?

Continuing on with respect and privacy. I have been deeply humbled to see such a high standard of Social & Emotional Intelligence displayed over the course of the past 24 hours. That which I know will continue to be prevalent. For those that are unaware of the concept of S & EI. To follow is a definition of Social & Emotional Intelligence –“the ability to be aware of our own emotions and those of others, in the moment, and to use that information to manage ourselves and manage our relationships”.

How I have observed one individuals high level of Social & Emotional Intelligence unfold was as follows; it is by no means a step by step process. More like it was all a natural progression strongly focused on and around the competencies of ‘Emotional Self-Awareness’, ‘Empathy’, ‘Communication’, ‘Integrity’ ‘Building Bonds’ & Building Trust’.

To have the ability to ‘hold that space for another/others during their greatest time of need. When they are at their most vulnerable. To know when to ‘show up’, how to do so, what to say and how much to say. ‘Less is more’ philosophy applies. But then most importantly to know when to step back and give space for those newly grieving to process their own feelings in their own way at this time. Respect is a value and privacy is a state that which should be observed by others. But it will take a like-minded people to honour and respect an others’ privacy. As I write, I find myself debating the idea in my head as to whether ‘constant’ could actually be another Social & Emotional Competency added to the list. When I refer to ‘constant’ I am speaking of ‘that which is an unchanging factor, those values which are at the fabric of and the foundational corner stones on which the existing relationship has been built, sustained and purely exists’. The strength of connection is strong enough so that it endures and continues on…

It is at times like this that you learn the true and real value and meaning of friendship. For most people will find that their longer list of friends can become condensed very quickly.

So today, take your time to reflect on what matters and who matters most to you in your life. For it is in truth your what? And who? Questions that will equate to your Why? Why you are doing what you do and how you are doing it.

It’s always about relationships but delve deeper in and you will find that is about the balance in relationship to your inner world and your outer and then your relations in relationship to and with others. Awareness is always so vitally important. Self-first and then others.

In relationships there is always one whom is ‘the rock’ and the other whom is ‘the star’. But neither one denotes the other. They are complimentary in nature. There are some that ‘the rock’ type personality may seem the lesser of the two. But ‘the rock’ too will shine their light in their own way. The star is up there high in the sky floating and shooting about. The rock on the other hand sounds much like it is rooted and fixed in its permanency. But ironically, remember ‘everything is energy’. So, as energy moves and flows. So too that which is to be perceived as immovable, solid, fixed, unchangeable, constant. Its’ effects can be felt and perceived even though not physically present.

So today. Show up and be counted. Be heard. Take the time to re-evaluate your long list of friends. For it is only at times like this that you know whom ‘your rock’ is and why you truly need ‘your rock’ in your life.

Difficult and challenging times and adversity as you traverse your life’s course. Showeth the real person.

Be more aware of those that truly matter and why they matter so. ‘Your what and who giveth your true why’? Soulful Answers.

Life is a precious gift.

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