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Wrapped as a Gift!

I have the honour of coaching with some beautiful individuals. As we journey together in our collaborative coaching team. With each session comes more depth, knowledge, wisdom, insight and information. It’s an unfolding process. It is a journey on which we partake together. Myself as the coach and my client as the coachee.

I refer to the way in which I facilitate always as working in a coaching framework and this fosters and cultivates the conditions and environment necessary for deep meaningful, open, honest, truthful communication to flow easily and effortlessly. My way and approach is both compassionate and non-judgemental.

Empowering people is always my key focus. Providing for my clients the time and space in a safe way that allows for them to go and be taken to where they truly need to place their focus, attention and awareness at this time.

It’s about the relevance and significance of whatever is presenting at this very time for you being relevant to where you are now. Ready to accept and acknowledge on some or all levels your current awareness.

But ‘Rome was not built in a day’, neither will you fast track your healing process. It is a process of unfolding and with each unfolding comes more insight, awareness and the opportunity to build and create clarity and focus.

That clarity which can only be borne out of deep and meaningful conversation. That which is guided in a way that is so profound yet presented and delivered in such a beautiful way. Your amazing gift is presented in such a simple and humble way. It all happens through a simple initiated and guided conversation. As the process unfolds that is when the gift truly starts to appear. You can see the exquisite gift wrapping, bows and ribbons and all things nice. Delicately scented to capture the senses. Colourful but those colours too hold deeper meaning for you right at this time. You know that your gift, that lies within this wrapping is fragile, needs to be handled with care and loving kindness but equally you know that from the inside out is penetrated a gentle inner calm and peace. That inner strength, that which does not present kicking and screaming, nor speak in terms of ego and personality. It is your soul speaking. When it speaks, listening for those words are instant, in the moment, seemingly irrelevant, insignificant, hold no meaning for you. But this is precisely the time and those are the very words that you want to hear. These are the words that are about to catalyse you onwards on your souls journey.

I champion for my client to find what lies at the truth of the matter. Find what really is going on for them. Connect with soul to bring forth the necessary guidance as we progress through each coaching session. Clients for whom I facilitate have what I will refer to as a ‘Gritty Soul’. They want to create the opportunity for change to happen. The want to learn. They want to be empowered to show up and be true to themselves in all aspects of their lives, both personal and business. They have a yearning to know their truth and to start to get to work. When necessary they want ‘truth talk’. They want to be guided as they journey. They are aware and understand that they need to be willing to participate on their healing journey. Because healing happens on all levels they know that they have to spend time in practice as they become familiar and understanding of the natural law of energy and how it effects their state of mind, body and spirit. They are accepting and understanding of the fact that nothing will be rushed. All things will progress in their own time and in their own way. That which is in accordance with their soul’s progress and story at this time.

It’s about the power of your passion to want to know your truth and the perseverance to stay on your course and ask for help and support when you need it. People will usually tend to feel uncomfortable initially. For they have utterly no idea at that point where they are going or what they are doing. But they do know one thing. They know they need support and guidance and they know that they are here for a reason. A reason far greater than they could ever imagine at the outset of our introductory conversation.

Where an individual goes from here is down to their ‘free will and free choice’. It is a joy to listen and watch as this process unfolds. To see a person blossom and grown into their true essence and fullest and most enlivened expression of whom they are. To see people literally grow in stature. To see as they assert themselves in their knowing of what they truly want in their lives. To speak their truth and more importantly to feel alive and present in their own body. To learn to trust their own intuition and follow their own lead.

So simple yet so profound. A potential life changer and game changer.

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